Film: 8923

Social History | 1960 | Silent | Colour + B/W


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An amateur home movie shot in colour and black and white of suburbia 1960's

Family in back garden of new house in a suburb. A little boy and girl in matching blue stripy jumpers stand and look at the camera. There is also the father and an older boy. The back garden has a concrete floor and a garage. They walk up and down. Quick panning shot across several back gardens. Very symmetrical grass gardens with washing hanging on lines. In the distance a girl plays on a swing. Front garden with a patio and flowers. Two girls in blue dresses with a pram pass on the pavement. Front of the house, large bay window with yellow frames. Large detached house, mostly painted white with red brick chimney and front. View of the side of the house looking towards the road where the two girls chat to a boy at the gate. A little girl with a white dress with a red trim and short blonde hair skips in to the garden. She kicks a yellow ball with her older brother. The mother comes out of the side door and stands for the camera. She has a long sleeve white shirt and pearls and a spotty skirt. A view of the road with cars parked outside. Two women sit in the back garden on deck chairs with a baby. One of them hands the baby to a man who puts him/her in a pram. A man is up a ladder at the side of the house painting. Lots of shots of the house and the family milling around in the garden. Close-up of a little blonde boy laughing and waving. Sunny day, shots of the flower bed.

B/w Two smart looking women and a tubby man in a shirt and tie stand outside the back of their house as they are filmed. A man in a dark suit joins them and points at the house. View of the long garden and a man bringing up vegetables from the vegetable patch into the house. He stops to show the camera a cabbage.
A car drives along a residential street, people walk on the pavement and a boy passes on a bike. The car (Austin Cambridge?) pulls up outside the 'Robertson's' fishing tackle shop. A woman leaves the shop and gets in the car. As it drives off a boy with an apron goes to an open delivery van.
A woman steps out of a back door with two young children and a baby. It is a sunny day and the children wear shorts and swimming costumes. Close-up of the mum and the baby walking around the front garden. She hands the baby to her husband and the young boy kisses him/her. The women sit on garden furniture in the back garden and the husband mows the lawn. Close-up of the baby in the pram. A boy stands near the flower bed in a cub scout uniform. He does a salute.
Some of the family, smartly dressed stand outside the fish tackle shop looking at photographs.
Two women and an elderly grandmother stand in the garden for the camera. A man joins them and points out a rosebush. The mother and grandmother stand by the front gate. The grandmother wears an apron. Close-up of the flowers and vegetables growing in the garden. Some older ladies, possibly neighbours, stand by the outside wall and link arms for the camera. They wear similar hats and coats. They pose again in the garden and they wave and leave. A man poses by his big new American car in the street. Some family members leave the house with the children. The American car turns a corner and passes a bus. It pulls up outside the fish tackle shop. A woman with her arm in a sling stands with a young man smoking. The mother wearing a headscarf, crosses the street with a bag of shopping. Shot of the street with cars and people and the shop next door named Hammonds. A man gets in his car and drives off, he passes a shop on the corner which has a sign that says Batchelor. Children get out of a car and go up to the house gate.


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