Film: 8925

Natural History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Excretory sytems in different types of animals 1970's

Paramecium, various shots, contractile vacuoles. Amoeba. Hydra. Planarians (helminths). Diagram of excretory system of flatworm. Close up of cilia. Flame-cells in rotifor. Annelid (earth worm) vascular system. Dissected earthworm to show nephridia. Nephrostome with beating cilia. Nephridiophore. Insects, dissection to show malphigian tubules (grasshopper). Tracheal tubes. Dissected crayfish. Excretory system. Vertebrates, dissection of frog. Kidneys and ureters, bladder. Mammals, kidneys, position with respect to bladder, renal vein and artery. Diagram of kidneys and blood system, nephrons in diagrammatic form, exchange at the glomerulus. Micrograph to show active transport. Bladder in living mammal, dissection. Paramecium, grasshopper etc. Summary of different systems.

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