Film: 8929

Food + Drink | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Food and diet for the elderly. Nutrition. Children's birthday party. Family meals. Eating at restaurants. Shopping in supermarket. Frozen ready meals 1950's

The appreciation of food starts when we are young.
0m31ss:- A children’s party where they are enjoying the food for its colour and texture this develops gradually as we get older and our tastes are more selective.
Food and sociability go together especially at times of celebration where it is a time for sharing and enjoying food.
0m57ss:- A wedding party with all ages present or a family picnic. It is also a pleasure as the family grows. Older folk enjoy a get together over a communal meal.
1m55ss:- Title:- “You never grow old at the table”
2m01ss:- Vivien Burgess is 74yrs old and still leads a busy life she thinks it would be easy enough to make do with a sandwich or toast or a convenience food, however she believes in eating a nutritional balanced diet as a necessity for her health that gives her energy and a positive outlook on life.
2m52ss:- A Bingo session in progress with elderly people enjoying the fun and company.
3m20ss:- Dr. Louise Davies – Specialist in Nutrition and ageing. Advises eating a wide variety of foods for optimum nutrition. As people grow older they become less active and therefore need fewer calories. Back to the Bingo and asking the favourite foods of the players.
5m05ss:- Vivien is shopping which she does daily and thus avoids carrying heavy bags.
She buys some emergency food for times when she may not be able to get out.
Walking round the store she chooses a Sunflower Spread with no animal fats, Ready Mix Sauces for convenience, Porridge and Fruit Juice.
6m58ss:- Dr.L.Davies:- As we age our sense of thirst lessens. On retirement our routine of regular breaks from work could lead to dehydration causing symptoms of headaches, confusion and irritability etc. It is therefore essential to keep up our liquid intake.
Men left on their own fending for themselves may find it especially difficult, so one solution is to shop for fresh food daily as this is a good way to fill time.
8m33ss:- Supermarkets are fine and are gradually introducing smaller packs of food suitable for one person but you can’t beat the individual attention of local traders who soon get to know your preferences.
10m16ss:- An elderly gentleman is making an Apple Pie to share with a friend who will be supplying the main meal. He also demonstrates a snack meal that he will cook at the same time as the pie and thus making full use of the oven. Nowadays there are several books with recipes for one or two people that are a useful aid to the solitary cook.
11m32ss:- We now see Vivien arriving home with her shopping, she is going to cook a meal to share with a friend which she finds is an enjoyable thing to do. For her meal she is preparing Cod in Parley Sauce using the packet sauce previously bought, for accompanying vegetables she is preparing New Potatoes, Spinach (a good source of iron)& Vichy Carrots.
12m41ss:- Our gentleman is back with a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie a tasty supper dish to share with a friend.
13m20ss:- Sometimes there are physical obstacles keeping people housebound leading to malnutrition so it is always advisable to keep an emergency store cupboard of non-perishable items and make good use of freezer and fridge. Frozen vegetables do not lose Vitamin C whilst in storage.
14m05ss:- Wendy Bagnall of British Gas Home Service Dept now gives talk on the economic use of gas and shows the different types of Tap Adapters that are available for Gas Cookers making life easier for Arthritis sufferers or with weakness in hands and arms. Safety issues are also covered.
15m58ss:- Help for elderly people who can’t cook are usually available in the form of classes held at Local Council facilities. Cooking can be fun and will also give a sense of achievement at having prepared a meal.
Old people enjoying a meal in a sociable atmosphere
17m45ss:- There can be a lot of confusion over nutrition but the rules are simple – 1. Eat something of everything and not too much of one thing.
2. Don’t get in a rut but have a wide variety.
3. If you don’t like something substitute it with something you do like and remember some foods are better for you than others.
4. So keep to a varied diet and enjoy your food.
18m30ss:- Vivien and friend are enjoying the meal of fish that she cooked earlier.
So remember eat what you enjoy and enjoy what you eat. You can’t go wrong as long as your diet has variety and balance and “At table at least you can be sure you will never grow old.

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