Film: 8931

Religion | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Good religious film taking a firm line on proselytising the Christian religion - by the end of the twentieth century only 16% of the world's population will be Christian 1950's

Therefore there is a need to broadcast the Word to all the peoples of the world.
American sidewalk crowded with people. Excellent commuter scenes in possibly New York, U.S.A. Crowded freeways and flyovers. In America today it is possible to be thought of as just a number. Close up of hand dialling telephone. Tilt up New York skyscraper. Close up of social security card. Montage of social security card, postal envelope and Army dog tags. Inside American jail. Prisoners climbing stairs with folded arms. Close up of prisoner with prison number displayed. Early tape to tape computer and punch cards. Computer control room. Children's' school bus travels up suburban hill. Low rise tower block - six storey building. Aerial views from airplane of anonymous American city. 'Megalopolis' New York from the air, soon a superimposed outline map of the U.S.A. appears. Ten largest cities are pinpointed. Tower block at night. [End of stock footage, now the boring story part].
Man in his apartment. He stands up and briefly looks out of window. He may not know any of his thousand neighbours. He returns to his table and plays a card game of patience. He turns over cards. His wife enters and stands by Joe's shoulder. They both look bored. She walks to window and looks into the night. Commentary refers to 'Missions'.
Quiet suburban street of single storey homes.
Two men talk inside front door of man's home. Newspaper printing press. The Concordia publishing house. The International Lutheran hour radio ministries. Preacher preaches in open air. Ostensibly a Concordia Television set. Actor and director talk. From behind the camera we see a behind the scenes shot of the scene about to start. Man uses clapperboard. Close up of hands typing at typewriter. Carriage return. Pile of letters and envelopes supposedly addressed to the mission. Housewife settles down in armchair to read a book entitled 'The Key to confident Living'. Man enters offices of 'Family Films'. The film studio of Family Films. Commentary is very good here. 'The crew is preparing to photograph a memorable moment of Christian witness which will be seen and heard by uncounted millions for years to come…not only her in our country but in lands across the seas'. Sound engineer adjusts boom. Close up of Clapperboard of 'Not by Chance'. Clapperboard is clapped shut. Cry of 'Action'. Actress tells actor about her deeply held religious beliefs - 'It's not a theory, it's a fact'.
Suburban house, television aerial, television set with same scene being broadcast. Man sits watching television film. In another living room a black couple watch their TV set. Brief city street scenes. Latin couple watch television. Animated pictures of satellite beaming television programmes to America, Africa and Europe. 'Words of Faith cross the oceans and national boundaries on electronic wings piercing Iron Curtains, Bamboo Curtains and curtains of other hostile ideologies' say the voice over' - good for mutual intolerance. ' Television is sweeping the world - more than 65 million receivers are now in operation in overseas homes'.
Marching American troops. A list of countries where 'This is the Life', the Concordia stations programme can be seen is given, before we hear 'With thanks to almighty God we announce that 'This is the Life' can now be seen and heard throughout Metropolitan France' [which is hardly the most heathen country!]. Commentary tells us to imagine sitting in a sidewalk café in Paris and hearing dubbed religious programmes - what joy!!! Example of dubbing the same piece [which is ridiculous].
Stock shot of River Seine and Eiffel Tower in Paris. Stock shots of street scenes in china and India, men ride camels past the Sphinx in Egypt, a tribal gathering in possibly Papua New Guinea. Animated globe with little figures appearing before it to show increasing population by the year 2000.
Joe and wife watch a wall mounted television set. Religious programme plays, and we see backs of the heads of the couple who are watching television. Couple watch TV, he with his arms folded, she with her hands clasped. Pan American tower blocks at night with lights on in most windows.

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