Film: 8935

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Surgical Removal Old Unerupted Teeth. Dentists and dentistry 1950's

Two students watch dental operation on woman. Close up removal of teeth, woman winces, view obscured by dentist's head. Four students survey operation list. Three surgeons perform operation in theatre. Operation demonstrated to students using 'phantom jaw'. Removal unerupted tooth, wound stitched. Mandibular third molar, simple mesio-angular impaction. Procedure demonstrated with model. Ditto deep mesio-angular impaction. And again for horizontal mesio-angular impaction, divergent roots. Demonstration (model) of disto-angular impaction. Maxillary third molar, X-Ray. Demonstration of removal of model. Mandibular, second premolar, ditto. Maxillary canine.

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