Film: 8951

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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1920's Cops and robbers comedy

Dog barking and howling - Arooooooo! Wakes everyone up. Mother-in-law complains at noise. Burglar "Gas Pipe McGook" on loose. Grandfather reading risque magazine. Jewels placed in safe by woman. Woman's fingers caught in mouse-trap. Dog thrown out of door comes back via window and wakes family. Face slapping. Grandfather dragged down stairs by dog's lead. Burglar surprises owner - assumes he is also burglar. Burgle house together. Dog dreams of bone - clever cartoon. Dog shakes burglar's hand. Bring torch along. Give bone. Home owner ties his wife up. Little girl stubs toe - good effect with throbbing toe. Creeps round house. Sneaks downstrairs. Wakes black maid (Mary). Try to blow safe - so owner opens it. Little girls, one black and one white get shotgun. Wife is rescued. Children follow crook with gun, but cannot fire gun. Cop outside house. Family close in. Owner attacked by family. Burglar realises truth. Black girl looks down barrel of gun. Children tie string to gun and fire at burglar who is caught.

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