Film: 8952

Shipping | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Leisure activities for the crew on board a merchant ship - here the SS British Purpose - during a long trip 1970's

Clock on a wall. The bridge of a ship, the SS British Purpose. A woman captain or officer comes to the controls. She sounds a horn. She speaks into an intercom and begins to give today's bingo numbers. Titles over views of the ship. A woman looks at a noticeboard. A young man plays ping-pong or table tennis. Darts hit a dartboard. A ship's officer plays cards. His opponent looks at him. The first man again. He plays a card. The other watches. Mostly men splash about in the ship's indoor pool, playing water polo or football. Another angle. Again. And again. More of the same. Other members of the crew stand and watch. The game seen from above. Down below in the water. Someone tries to hit the target. Again. The woman grabs the ball. The referee blows his whistle. A man's mirror glasses. A competitor climbs out of the water. Hands at controls. A loudspeaker. Crew in informal attire on deck. Another loudspeaker, announcing the afternoon's events. The crew again. Crew line up for a sack race. Others watch. The sack race under way. Smiling spectators. The sack race ends. Smiling crew. Others as they wait for the next deck sport. A throwing game is set up. Others watch. The thrower hurls a ball, where it lands is chalked up. The thrower retrieves his ball. He holds it. An onlooker. The thrower has another go. Someone else has a go. Spectators. Another thrower - he looks disappointed. Chalk marks are measured. Closer. The referee makes calculations. Onlookers. Two crew tie their ankles together for the three-legged race. The referee. Onlookers. Four teams compete in the race. Laughing spectators. Crew line up for another sack race. Onlookers. Referee blows his whistle. The sack race. Several people falling over. Onlookers. A competitor laughing. Another disentangles herself. An officer searching the ship's small library (more like a cupboard). Closer. A woman waits for the book or hobby kit. She holds the book or hobby kit box on tapestry. Another woman with a sewing or lace hobby kit. Closer. Her studious face. Wider shot. Another woman's face. She is making a tapestry. A man threads film in a projector. His audience light up cigarettes while they wait. A crewman paints on deck. Closer - his painting of a boat. His face, concentrating. Wider shot. Crew fishing off the deck. Detail of a reel. Detail of line. The anglers. Crew sunbathing on deck. Closer. A man and woman sunbathing. Closer of her reading. Crew in the bar. The bar and barman on telephone. A steward rings a bell. People sit down to eat. Similar. The dining tables. Crew around the bar. Closer, as an hilarious joke is told. Another drinker. Others. Another angle. Closer. Beer cans on the bar. Crew descending exterior stairs. The walk past. The deck. Crew looking out to sea. A man sets up stumps for cricket on deck. Onlooker. A bowler. Batsman by the wicket. Bowler bowls. Batsman misses - all very gentle, non-serious play. Spectators applaud the action. Onlooker. Another ball bowled. Another batsman hits it. Bowler receives ball. Batsman waits. Another batsman knocks away a ball. Another bowl and bat. Onlooker. Another bowl and tap away. A fielder. Batsman hits another ball. Closer, similar. Bowler bowls. Stumps are reset. Another bowl and bat. The ball is caught. Onlookers clap. Bowl and bat, caught again. Water by the ship. View of the ship. Another, and another. One of the pool - now empty. Stairs. BP sign on funnel. Length of the ship. Titles over water.

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