Film: 8954

Politics | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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The Philippines 1970's

. It is Christmas. "Big! Big Savings! Progressive discount privilege". Lots of people are on the street, demonstrating. They are all singing and dancing. Presenter of the film does piece to camera. People eating as meal. Presenter talks to some young women. The man turns around and starts speaking to camera.
People on the street. Poor people asking for money, begging. People in a church. They kiss Jesus' feet. Lots of people there. A woman praying.
President Marcos is reading and then starts to speak to camera. Images of buildings and then streets with lots of cars and people. A group of girls looking at a dress in a shop. An old woman on the street, as well as children. They are all sitting on the ground. "Security Bank and Trust Company", "RCA", "Mitsubishi Motors". "Planters Bank Planters Development Bank" "Insular Life" , "Barclays Bank" and "Avon" appear. Images of the city. Presenter speaks. People in a shop, looking at expensive watches. Close up of some watches. A woman trying one of them. People speaking and drinking. "Forbes Park" appears. A big house is shown. A priest is speaking. In Philippine International Concention (sic) Center there are lots of people and some cars arriving. The President's wife ( probably Imelda Marcos ) is in one of them. Everybody is very happy. People are taking lots of pictures of her and her husband. Then she goes into a room and speaks to the people. Some dresses are in a room. "Worn during annual state visit to Japan". Close up of a woman wearing one of the dresses. Children's city (Lungsod Nokapatan Ambulance is going to the hospital. Children are there playing. A doctor is seeing a child. The "Philippine heart center" is different than the other one. Doctors are seeing patients. The Cardinal Jaime Sin Archbishop Metro, Manila is speaking. People are on the street. People are taking photos of important people. Children are singing "The Land has been given to us by our president and First Lady, land we had longed for." A woman is speaking for the television. Close up of children. They are still singing "Thanks to you First lady, you have fulfilled our dreams." The First lady is listening. People are in poor houses. Presenter. A woman is selling fried bananas. A man is smoking. The houses are shown inside. A woman cleaning a table. The man is speaking again. Poor people are in a really poor clinic. Dr Mita Parda De Travena is seeing children and then talks to camera. Images of the children. Images of poor people. The army is walking. A man is fishing at night. Picture of a woman then she is speaking - Sister Miling De Leon. She starts crying but she is still speaking. (End of reel one)

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