Film: 8956

Religion | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Brief history of medieval monasteries and life in a monastery using a contemporary Benedictine monastery and its daily life - possible Buckfast Abbey in Devon 1940's

View through window with tracery upwards top of tower of large church, abbey or cathedral. Shot moves down tower. Outside of cloisters. Gothic windows with tracery. View along a side of cloister interior. Map of Great Britain. Dots showing nunneries and monasteries in Middle Ages. Simple drawing of Benedictine monk. Cistercian monk, a Carthusian and an Augustinian canon on map. Exterior long shot of ruin of an abbey entrance, nave and tower. Side view exterior of more Gothic style. Gothic pillars and arches from interior close up. Shot upwards close up of Gothic arch. View along nave from interior. No roof. Flat plan of church and monastery complex. Various angles. Simple pictures of monks show church, refectory, chapter house, dormitory on plan. Interior along a North cloister. A partition in the cloister. View along south cloister. Interior and door of refectory. Monks washing place outside refectory through cloister arches. Washing place close up within arches. Open cupboard for towels. Close up pillar top supporting vaulted arches. Windows and gothic tracery in background in chapterhouse. Pillar at centre. Wooden chairs and around edge. Remains of stone bench around wall of chapter house close up. Exterior view along communal room in dormitory and windows. Plan of church complex. Solarium shown on plan showing stores. Simple picture of guest house three dimensional on plan.
View long shot of a church or abbey looking down through trees, hills and fields in the background. Benedictine monks walk down stairs close up. Monks walk through interior doorway. Two monks walk to altar and bow. More monks walk to altar and bow. Lots of monks choir in stalls in rows, kneeling. Abbot (??) at lectern stands up and bows. Monks in stalls kneeling and bowing. Monks in stalls stand up, turn towards us, cross themselves. Hands praying position and singing the Opus Dei, Divine Office. Monks turn to front of stalls and bow. Stand up. Close up monks standing and singing. A monk close up at lectern singing from a book. View upwards to a gallery, monks inside. View along choir with monks to altar. Monks sit down. Monks inside chapterhouse beside door, close up. Monk opens door and kneels. Abbot walks and two monks. Crosses himself. Close up. Walk past camera. Monk shuts door. Inside chapterhouse. Monks standing along walls. Abbot walks to large wood chair and sits, then all monks sit. Close up abbot. Opens a large book. Abbot reading from Rule (? Roll ?) Close ups of monks seated in chapter house. Abbot and chief officers seated around large polished wood table. Large painting on wall. Close up of abbot. Close up of prior, cantor, sacrist, cellarer and kitchener, all seated. The infirmarian pours from bottle into pan and stirs. Close up.
View along North cloister with monks walking and reading. Novices seated in cloister with books and novice master standing. Close up novice master. Novices stand up. Monks and novices walk to washing place. Wash hands, use towels. Walk in refectory doorway. Interior refectory monks walking in. Abbot gives blessing close up in refectory. Monks standing , heads bowed, chanting grace. Monks sit down. Abbot close up rings bell above head. Servers bring in food in large bowls through a door. Close up monks eating and servers. Close up monk standing and reading. Close up monk at table being poured water by a server, served plate of food by another. Monks leave refectory. Three monks in garden with tools. Monks work in garden. Four monks working on farmland, digging. Monk feeding ducks with bucket. Monk sitting under tree preparing food for kitchen. Monk at beehives, beekeeping. Monk blows smoke into hives. Two monks in the sacristy. Open large drawer, take out vestments. Monk close up making pottery at a wheel. A monk close up carrying stone. Two monks in library standing at lecterns. Monk close up writing. Monk close drawing illuminated manuscript. Both cross themselves and walk out of room. Long shot church in the distance, fields and cows. Monks walk through fields towards church. Monks leaving garden. Monks in church in choir. All hooded.
A classroom. Boys seated at desks in rows. A monk writes on blackboard close up. Long shot walking to entrance of monastery in civilian clothes. Close up two men in entrance. Monk opens door. Shakes hands with men. Interior view of men walking in. The Guest Master monk shuts door. Men with suitcases.. The Almoner walks along a road. Enters front gate of an ivy-covered house. Close up almoner with basket at front door. Woman at door talking with Almoner close up. The almoner gives woman loaf of bread from basket and walks away out of gate. Man inside large church library or archives, looking at shelves. Picks out book. Walks to lectern, places book on it and opens it. Close up Lindisfarne Gospel facing pages. Pages turned. "The Historie of England" by Matthew Paris close up facing pages.
Long distance view of a church or cathedral from rooftops of surrounding buildings. In a town, huge Gothic stained glass window at east end from interior. Close up of a carved stone shrine. View from below looking up east end of a church and tower. Long view south exterior of a church. Exterior west view of church, long shot. A Religious life of Christianity.

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