Film: 8960

Shipping | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Norway Holiday makers sailing around the fjords on the ocean liner " Leda " of the Bergen Steamship Co 1960's

The car carrying train from King's Cross to Newcastle on the way to Norway, cars drive into what looks like a long, low tunnel but it really the car carrier train, a train worker directs them. The valet walks down the train corridor opening the compartment doors and announcing dinner. A women in a pair of motorcycle goggles? Smokes at her seat at a table in the lounge car. An older lady and a younger gentleman talk, the women has a cigarette case open on the table. Two young boys fix their fishing reels. Shot of the train moving along the tracks in a cut. A family eats at a table in the dining car. A couple eats dinner in the dining car. Pamphlets and brochures about the Bergen line to Norway. The gang plank of the Bergen Line ship in Newcastle is manoeuvred around by deck hands. The pilot climbs down from the rope ladder on the side of the car ferry and steps down into the pilot boat which moves along side of the ferry at speed. The sunny front deck of the Lede, people sit around on deck chairs taking in the sun, a waiter in a white dinner jacket walks around with a tray. A family nicely arranged for the shot, the parents in the deck chairs and the two girls kneeling on the deck with their bottles of pop. One woman sits on the desk knitting. The games room. A billiard game with queues and small round rings that you have to hit into a hole in the corner. Two older ladies play cards at a side table. A young girl sleeps on a deck chair with a smile on her face, wearing sunglasses and a green head scarf. A 'maid on a mountain' with a Norwegian alphorn, a girl in traditional Norwegian dress, long black skirt, with white apron and white blouse and coloured vest, she holds the horn up and blows a long note. The city of Bergen, white concrete apartment blocks rising up from the edge of the sea. The narrow streets of the old town, with timber houses lining them, everything is very very clean. A traffic policeman directs traffic. A flower market along the wharf. The main square with mountains rising high behind it. A girl is pulled up out of the water by a water skiing rope. Older people watch the girl water skiing. She uses only one arm! Women sun bathing. A girl in traditional Norwegian dress plays what looks like a small xylophone.
Tourist in a dining room served by women dressed up in traditional Norwegian costume. The waitress serves a family. The family eats. The exterior of a chateau on the waterfront. Chateau's on the side of the fiord. Family swims and plays in the water off the rocks on a fiord. Chateau hotels and chateau holiday homes along the banks of the fiord, looks very posh and luxurious. A car out in front of a hotel as the bags are packed. A tourist office exterior. A couple on motorcycles sit on their parked motorbikes and a man comes out of the tourist office with some maps and brochures. The couple pouring over the maps at a crossroads with several other people , they are getting directions. Car license plates, one for Virginia, another from Great Britain. The car ferry, the cars drive onto the ferry. Women look over the side of the ferry. Children hang onto the railings beside a life preserver. The captain of the ferry. The ferry 'Gudvangen' from Bergen pulls out of the loading dock. An elderly couple look out a coach window. The bus driver. A father and his son look out of the window, the father films something with his 8mm camera. Cyclists on a narrow road along the coastal fiord. A motorbike drives along a similar road. Cyclists ride along the road, they are passed by the bus. A hiker treks up a mountain path. A radar on the top of a boat. A boat moves down a narrow fiord with cliffs as walls. Lunch on the ferry deck. A woman eats a sandwich in the sun and another woman drinks from a bottle of juice. More chateaus, the green sides of a fiord as children lean over the sides of the ferry pointing things out to each other. A church on the shores of the fiords. A girl brushes her hair on the ships deck. The boat pulls into the crowded dock. The gangplank is set up and the sailors help the passengers across, seen from above. The crowd on the dock waves farewell to the boat as it continues on its journey.
Small town. A penjonat ( pensioner) in the village, a couple comes out of the hotel. A guest house, or guest Giveriet. The baking house of? Where two women make lebkouken, a potato flour dish, cook on a crepe griddle. One of the women rolls the dough out, the other lifts it up with a spatula and places it on the griddle. The spatula lifts the pancake up and flips it over. Two children in a souvenir shop. A wooden carved troll. A dragon carved into the wooden eaves of a house. A Viking Stave church. The hands of a wood carver carving out the lid of a wooden box. The old carpenter skilfully carves with his hands. A old lady weaves a Scandinavian rug. Fine wood carvings. Careful carpets and tablecloths woven. An oil paint picture. The artist paints. Children watch the painter. Haying in the fields. Children try to throw hay up on the high wagon but can't get it high enough, their father uses the much more successful tool of a pitchfork. Hitching a bundle of hay up to a high wire rope and swinging it down to the barn over the fields!!! Norwegian folk dancing. A man tries to kick a hat off a stick while twisting. A man plays the fiddle. More dancing. A foot tapping on a chair. A little boy dances with two little girls. A brother and sister fish, arguing, the girl pulls the pole out of her brother's hands and he sits down hard on the bench on the dock. The fish splashes out of the water. Families on a rocky beach. Two men do the dishes at a campsite. They do the dishes beside their tent, camping. The camping site store, A hostel in the woods on a hill. Camp sites along the shores of a lake. A woman fly fishing. A man watches with a large fish already in his mesh bag. River rapids. A man stands on a cliff and looks down at a twisting, turning path. A suspension bridge. A caravan of horses pull numerous buggies up gravel roads. A Volkswagen van drives across another gravel road. A glacier, three people hike towards it. Various views of the glacier. The river running towards the sea. Very large cows grazing on green grass on the water's edge. Rugged mountains covered in green. A hostel on a cliff overlooking a waterfall. People run along the path beside the water fall to stop from getting covered in spray. Various views of the water fall. The car ferry pulling into the port, with the pilot boat along side it. Men throw things over the side. Two girls drink soda pop from bottles on the deck. Younger boys look avidly at a map. Titles run over arrival scenes.

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