Film: 8964

History | 1960 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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A historical analysis of Germany from the middle ages to the 1960's. Much use of historical reconstruction.

Group of people marching on a street, young boy is holding a poster, him following musicians playing typical German music (tuba,...), people on street are cheering, group of people is sitting on windows watching the parade, women following in traditional clothes, German landscape with mountains and wood, typical houses, two women working on the field, helping by a boy and a girl, men and women are dancing in typical Bavarian clothes.

A tank in World War Two, explosions and shooting with machine gun, some soldiers in a trench looking on the battle field, two of them are running and sweeping over the field, map of Europe is showing Federal Republic of Germany (1948-1989) in pink colour, another map of "Germany" in the time of Charles the Great (800A.D.) in yellow, paintings of this times with soldiers and horses, conflict between Romans and Germanic Tribes, stone catapult, more Roman soldiers with a dead one in front. A castle of the 15th century with soldiers in armour fighting in front, Roman buildings in former German land on the river Rhine (Rhein), stone sculptures, mosaics, " limes " ( ramparts )to protect the Roman empire against the German tribes, a map showing of Europe with the roman borderline, River Rhine(Rhein) with ships, landscape and castles, vineyards, the dome of the cathedral in Aachen, 800a.D. where the coronation of Charles the Great (Karl der Grosse) took place and became the first Kaiser of the Frankenreich. A statue of him in gold, his wooden throne inside the cathedral, map of Europe with the changing of his kingdom after his death, the art of the time shown by a relief of a unicorn and a coin with his face on it. Landscape with a village, farmers working on a field, a church, a woman with a spade walking on the grass, castles showing on a hill, a soldier in armour on a horse, map of Europe showing the changing of the territories in Germany, people working in the sixteenth century , book printing, bust of Johann Gutenberg (inventor of the movable types), book showing printing with this new technique, museum "Germanisches Nationalmuseum", globe, some inventions of the 12th and 13th century, chronical watches, the "Nurenberg Egg"(Nuernberger Ei), books, paintings of Martin Luther (Reformation), Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Immanuel Kant, house showing, pictures on the wall from an old German tale (Hansel and Gretel), the door of the birth-house of Ludwig van Beethoven, house of B. showing, painting of B.,hill with castle, ruin of the castle, painting with German emigrants in front of the statue of liberty in New York, farmer sowing seed, landscape with fields and wood, painting with Santa Claus and reindeers, children in front of a Christmas tree, map of Europe, Prussia (Preussen) in pink colours, Napoleon on a horse, map of Europe with united Austro-Hungarian empire and Germany, monument of Bismarck on a horse, map of Europe, Germany in pink colours of 1871, monument of Bismarck again, river Rhine(Rhein) with ships, chimney with smoke, map of Europe, Germany 1890 pink coloured, photograph of Kaiser Wilhelm II., still of Bismarck, chimneys with smoke, a port with ships, students, soldiers with flags marching, page of an newspaper with an photograph of a family, newspaper shows the danger of the war, notice of the murder of the Prince of Austro-Hungary, declaration of war from Germany to Russia as seen on the front of a newspaper, a map of southeast Europe showing with the Balkan in pink colours, burning, front cover of newspaper showing American soldiers or GI's joining the air force in the United States of America, front cover of newspaper showing the end of the war in 1918, map of Europe with Germany in pink, landscapes from the Saarland, factories, mines, (colour historical reconstruction) woman in a field in front of her cows, paper money of Germany at the time of inflation, paper money in a wheelbarrow, a loaf of bread, (b/w archive) children, showing in front of the German stone eagle, soldiers marching on the street cheering by the people, people cheering on the street in front a Nazi flag, marching soldiers, a demonstrations of the Nazis with big flags and a aircraft, Hitler with other people. A balcony with Nazi flags and soldiers, people showing watching and listening Hitler, Hitler speaking, cheering people showing the "Sieg Heil Salute", children with nazi flags, mass of people at a demonstration, German factories, producing tanks, submarines...
Goebbels, in front of him soldiers marching, a highway with a car, a factory with workers, two people cheering on a window, marching soldiers with cheering people, marching soldiers walking into a plane, plate of the border of Bundesstaat Oesterreich, soldiers remove a barrier on the border to Austria, a gun shooting, explosions, soldiers in a trench, fire, explosions, soldiers running over the battle field, planes, guns, explosions, a ruin passed by a motorbike, soldiers watching in the ruins, planes, tanks, guns, soldiers, bombs, a soldier looking through a binocular, a nazi flag on a ship, a US flag showing, Adolf Hitler,
map of Europe, Germany showing after the 2nd World War, Germany and the allied occupation, landscape in East-Germany, Attention plate on a street,
A watchtower, border sign post, a house showing shares in 2 parts either side of the Berlin Wall, a soldier behind a fence, Berlin with a border fence, river in Berlin with a boat, a memorial, map of Germany, East Germany in red colour, East Prussia in black, map of Germany, highway with cars and trucks, on side a plakat of the entry or the soviet zone, border soldiers, a tank as monument, border soldiers, plakat of the American sector, a patrol car of the British army, plate of Check Point Charlie (American control point in Berlin), the wall with houses, soldiers in front of a border fence, people in the street of Berlin, houses in East-Berlin, border guard, a ville, the West German flag, the West German eagle, Konrad Adenauer (1st chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany), a iron factory, people in the street, the headquarter of Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart, a station(railway), in front flags, a highway with cars, trucks carrying tanks, map of Europe with West-Germany in pink, on this overlayed the outline of the American state of Oregon, old theatre showing and houses, workers after work, a factory with chimneys, a port with ships, the dome of the cathedral of Cologne (Koln), in front a bridge, people in the street, a highway with cars and trucks, neon-signs in Berlin, an old woman with an old hat, a old man with hat and cigar, a village with lake a church tower, farmers walking in the street, dancing Bavarians, ship is loading, ships on the sea, factories, locomotive, landscape, houses, a truck, a market place, a train over a bridge, musicians on a balcony, a boy drinking beer, two school children and the landscapes of Germany

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