Film: 8967

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A naval instructional film produced for the admiralty about weather prediction 1950's

Lightning, rain on tarmac, cars and people battling through snow covered roads. A bus emerging from fog. A spring picnic disturbed by a sudden shower. Radar equipment revolving. Battleships at sea. Diagram that shows the degree to which temperature and humidity drops as height increases. This variation causes radio waves to bend more at different heights - this is called refraction. Therefore, radar horizon more distant than optical horizon. Super and sub refraction, causes problems as incorrect information appears on the radar screen. Loss of radio wave power when it strikes precipitation, some of it is absorbed and reflected. This produces a busy radar screen (attenuation). Wave clutter - high sea waves also reflect radio wave, again produces busy radar screen. Countering the effects of weather by using differentation circuit and suppression circuits.

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