Film: 8970

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Film that contrasts the Wye and Rhondda Valley in Wales. Map of Wales illustrating the geographical position of both the Rhondda and Wye valleys in relation to Cardiff, Wales and Chepstow. the commentary informs us that the valleys are very different. The camera follows the Wye Valley's path back to its source near Builth Wells, Wales, Europe. shots of rolling countryside. Man approaches camera, from behind a hill on horseback accompanied by two dogs. The man dismounts and approaches a flock of sheep. He is clearly a shepherd. He grabs one of the sheep and inspects it while it lies in his arms. Shot of the sheep dogs resting in the field. shepherd releases sheep and mounts unsaddled horse and exits shot. General view of the source of the Wye Valley, moors, the Welsh mountains. Shot of the Wye river as a stream with trees on its banks. Farmhouse on edge of the river. Two men fishing from a row boat in the river. A brick bridge with many arches crossing the River Wye at Builth Wells, Wales, Europe. Shot of three men walking in Builth Wells, a street scene with a stationary car and a post box and a bicycle leaning up against a sign-post. General view of the Wye Valley at Hereford, much agriculture, a rolling plain. Cows / bullocks frolicking in a field. Man dressed in overalls leaves farm house and walks to work. Shot of tractors in farm yard. Farm hand talks to two other men. A tractor being driven out of the farm yard. Machine spraying fruit trees being towed by tractor. Man spraying a tree with hand held sprayer. Tractor spraying hops plants. Land girls twisting the young hop plants around the string supports. Man driving tractor. Derelict farms of the past, wrecked tractors. Sheep being walked down country road with shepherd behind them. Sign post, Hereford. Bus on road, boy walking along road being passed by moving truck. General view of Hereford. Lorries queuing up to enter Hereford's market. Sheep, bull, pigs, calves being unloaded from lorries. Pigs in a pen being surveyed by a crowd. Live stock in pens at market. Scenes of a fun fair with large rides. Shot of the meandering River Wye near Hereford. Red Hereford cattle drinking on the banks of the river Wye. The River Wye shot from a moving vehicle. The River Wye at the Forest of Dean. Symond's Yat. Monmouth from a distance. The meandering River Wye. Two men leading horses through the Forest of Dean. Two men using axes to chop down a tree. Horses being used to drag a felled tree. Two men using saw to cut down tree, the tree falling, the branches of the tree being removed with axes. Chepstow, general view, and the end of the Wye Valley. Return to map of Wales as the commentary turns to the Rhondda Valley. Banks of the Rhondda River ('Black with coal dust') External shot of factory in the valley. Rows and rows of terraced housing on the sides of the Rhondda Valley. Shots of streets lined with terraced housing. Coal mine. Double decker bus, Porth to Pontypridd, Wales. The alley at the back of the terraced houses. Washing drying on lines in the gardens. Shot of rural valley, the way the Rhondda Valley used to be. Farm on valley side. Man hoeing his land, he leaves this job to attend to cow. Cottage in ruins. Charlie Jones leaving his terraced house and wife who stands and waves him off as he walks to work along street. He is wearing a flat cap, an overcoat and is smoking. He gets on a double decker bus with men who are similarly dressed. Men entering coal mine. Miners with black faces coming out of pit lift. Men with clean faces enter pit lift. The lift drops. Men in overalls and mining helmets underground. Men without shirts using pick axe on the coal face. Conveyor belt full of coal. Coal being emptied in wagons on trucks. Miners coming off shift, returning. Miner's lamps, all have filthy faces. Woman tending to washing on clothes line. Children playing. Man washing in tub. A family eating at a table. Crowd watching a rugby match. Archive shots of the 1930s depression, queues outside an employment exchange. A factory's gate being closed, a coal mine in ruins, six men waling along a street, people foraging for coal, two men sitting on doorsterp talking, one holding a child. Moving bus passes 'Treforest Trading Estate'. Women leaving factory. Woman cleaning bottles, filling bottles by using machine, making and testing alarm clocks. Factory being constructed. Two disabled miners in overcoats and flat cups. Surveying construction site. General view of Rhondda Valley and town with lines of Terraced housing.

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