Film: 8974

Food + Drink | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Film on canning processes and their effect on food contained. Introduced by flirty housewife in horrible Eighties clothes.

Pan across table set with lots of dishes, white tablecloth and china, credits appear. Shots of individual dishes, very cordon bleu cookery course-out-of-a-magazine type. Fade to woman in kitchen, dark hair, yellow dress, lots of jewellery and makeup, as she adds finishing touches to food, overdressed housewife, looks like she is in 'Dynasty'. Close-up of cupboard door opening, full of tinned food, brands include Heinz, Prince's, Uncle Ben's, and Tesco.

Same woman dressed differently pushes trolley in supermarket, walks slowly, talking to camera. Hand holding tin of peas, drops them, representing what we would do without tinned foods. Back to woman in tin food aisle. Close-up of tin label "no added colours or preservatives". Similar message on Heinz tin. And on another; "in natural juice". Tin "no added sugar". And "no added salt". Back to woman in aisle, she picks up leaflet, screen goes black for a second, woman walks away, out of focus tins.

Sign for "Campden Food Preservation Research Association". Dark haired lady leans on railing outside building. In library she talks to man in suit. Close-up of man. Close-up of woman, her name is Maggie. Both as they talk. Close-up on him again. Then her as she asks questions. Both look at can off screen. Maggie reads from can. Both people, he holds can as he speaks about its contents. Close-up of Maggie. Both walk off to right of screen. Both seated in a laboratory, glass equipment and cans on table in front of them, they discuss food processing. Close-up of chart on paper, illegible, he points to figures. Both of them agree canning preserves most "goodness" in food. Close-up of Maggie. Both as they discuss preservatives. Close-up of Maggie asking questions. Three technicians in white coats in laboratory sampling food and making notes, food in white plastic rectangular boxes. Seated technician tastes tinned tomatoes from four kinds in front of her. Close-up of tomatoes in juice as she spoons one out. Close-up of peas in juice in glass bowl as spooned out. Tasted by another young woman. Corned beef mashed with back of fork. Hand filling in quality assessment sheet,

Interior of canning plant, as people work. Inside of oven containing cans. Technicians in laboratory noting measurements. Glass flask with rubber bung rotates in bowl. Machine print-out. Maggie suggests everyone take a fresh look at canned food. Both discuss "sophisticated and caring industry". Close-up of Maggie. Both as he passes her a tin, picture of them bends into cylinder or can-shape, black background, unfurls to show factory, with cans running on belts. Another shot of same. Unlabelled cans. More cans, stop and start moving through production line. Shot of field. Close-up as tractor drives through. Two people hoeing field.
Maggie holding tin can outside building with sign saying "Metal Box plc". Man behind desk, called Steve and is general manager, his fingertips touch as his hands rest on desk. Maggie other side of desk holding can. Close-up of can of carrots as she places it on desk. Steven faces camera as he discusses tin manufacture. Large warehouse, red cart running slowly on track. Close-up of wheel on track. Same cart, containing vats of tin plate. Man's hands as he operates hand held control box. Close-up of his face. Man in blue overalls stands next to cart, he unloads using machinery. Close-up of cranes lifting objects. Close-up of Maggie. Steve and Maggie discuss origins of food canning. Close-up of Maggie as she listens. Selection of cans, including one very early one which Steve picks up. Close-up of Steve the general manager. Back to Maggie. To Steve. Then Maggie. Both as Steve shows her rectangular sheet of metal, then the cylinder. Close-up of end piece. Back up to his face as he hands ear defenders to Maggie. Close-up of metal sheets running through machine, highly reflective. Close-up of machine pushing down on metal. Larger sheets run along belt, picked up by suction on machine. Cut pieces divided into different compartments, machine runs very fast. Gloved hands pick up pile of small rectangles of metal, very shiny, stacks neatly. Factory worker in blue overalls, turns and places pieces behind him, Steve and Maggie look at his work. Shot of cans running down shoot that twists and turns, Steve points out to Maggie. Cylinders run, appear golden coloured inside, fade out of focus. Silver cans on conveyor belt. Steve giving Maggie guided tour. Follow cans down shoots. Another view of cans running around factory, as he explains. Shot of cans as they speed along. Steve and Maggie as cans run past. Cans twist along. Close-up of stack of circular can ends. Shot of cans running along shoot that goes up a wall. Cans running along top of wall. From below, looking up as cans run past, looks like a roller coaster. Factory workers with cylindrical shapes wrapped in paper, Steve shows Maggie Close-up of man packing lids into these cylinder paper bags. Back to workers and piles of wrapped lids. Lined up cans in factory as Steve and Maggie remove ear protectors and leave. Fork lift truck goes by carrying boxes, Steve and Maggie walk past. They shake hands outside factory.

Effect of trees and land flashing past to represent travel to another factory. Building on other side of road as cars, vans drive past. Maggie outside door marked reception. Man called Mike comes through door wearing white hat and coat, he carries something, he smiles a lot, hands white coat to Maggie. Close-up of truck with "Metal Box" written on side. Man gets out of the cab. Maggie and Mike in front of truck, walk off to left. Inside plant as Mike gives guided tour. Forklift truck takes clean carrots from lorry. Large earth-remover tractor pours muddy potatoes into truck. Carrots poured into one truck. Potatoes into some kind of huge sieve for sorting. Man drives fork lift truck. Close-up of controls. Lorry tips carrots into large container. Close-up of screw action to raise carrots out of container for processing. Spray of water from ceiling, down to close-up of wet carrots. Carrots on conveyor belt divided into sections to drain. Carrots rolled and churned. Close-up of hands picking out some carrots. Close-up of mixed vegetables finely chopped in rows of colour. Vegetables mixed up by corkscrew action. Mixed vegetables poured into cans, lots of mess. Hands top up cans. Cans run through jets of liquid in the "briner" part of the machine. Cans are tilted. Have lids put on. Maggie and Mike walk through factory as cans go past. Mike points out things to Maggie. Cans entering steam chamber. Cans exiting end to end. Cans pass by these two. Close-up of can in quality control, pan up to Mike and Maggie at door, they leave, close door. Hands with stack of labels, patting to make neat pile. Placing labels into machine as cans roll past. Upright cans with labels. These cans put in shallow boxes, Mike and Maggie watch. Mike and Maggie in warehouse with cans behind them. Shot of towers of cans packaged and reaching up to ceiling. Close-up of the two. Close-up of Mike as Maggie backs up and away from him, apparently attached to a crane.

Maggie in her kitchen with carrier bags of shopping, places them on table, begins to unpack, takes can to kitchen counter. Close-up of tin of Heinz ravioli being opened. Can emptied into white dish. Places it in microwave. Microwave dial. Close-up of pouring milk into glass. Maggie in kitchen, sits down with book, unpacks bags on table, microwave buzzer goes off.
Close-up of savoury tart decorated with boiled eggs, asparagus and stuffed olives (nice!). Canapés. Roast rack of lamb. Cream cake decorated with peaches. Dinner table laden with food, people mingle at far end.
Close-up of gas hob as she lights it. Puts kettle on. Sits in yellow dress at table after guests have left, "ping", noise is heard. Magic glitter effect as tin of carrots appears on table. Back to Maggie as she blows out candle on table.
After credits reads message; "Fresh glorious food captured in cans… check it out!"

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