Film: 8985

Feature Comedy | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A woman lives on a park bench in protest at a rent rise from her landlord in New York.

A tall apartment building in New York. Inside an elegant looking woman, Trudy, stands in front of a fireplace and talks to a group of assembled residents in her living room. She delivers a speech about the rent increase that they have recently been faced with and how she logged a complaint with the building's owners. She wears a checked skirt and has a broach in the shape of a key on her sweater. She has little success in rallying the others. An older, quite jolly woman stands and says that she is always behind with her rent anyway so it doesn't matter to her. A wimpy man on the sofa says it's best to keep your mouth shut. Deciding to make a stand on her own, sTrudy picks up her handbag and swoops out of the room with purpose - "I am off to see the Mayor!"
A secretary walks into the Mayor's office where a grey haired man reclines in his chair. He perks up when he hears that a "trim and lovely" lady is waiting to see him. Trudy marches in and berates him about the rent rise that his relaxing of rent controls have caused. She is very pushy and takes a drink from him which he has poured for himself. She vows to set up in the park and contact journalists.
A city park where Trudy has set up home by a park bench with a tent. A photogragher takes her picture. One of the reporters she has gathered light her cigarette. She sits and answers questions from reporters in hats writing on notepads. She is completely in her element, enjoying fending off their questions and flirting with them.
The mayor sits in his office reading the paper, he angrily slams it down and buzzes through to his secretary. A young, handsome attorney walks in and he shows him the story on the front page. The men talk and the mayor instructs his attorney, George Williams, to sort the problem out.
Trudy cooks breakfast over a stove on a park bench as George approaches. He puts his leg on the bench and rests on his knee as he talks to her, relaxed and sure of himself. He grins and tries to charm her but threatens her with jail on a charge of vagrancy. "Just try it Mr Williams!". Next scene is her behind bars.
George sits in the Mayor's office reclining in a leather chair with his legs crossed and filing his nails. The Mayor paces the office raising his voice about the detrimental effect the court case could have. George laughs and puffs on a cigarette.
The Mayor marches into the court room and takes his seat. The judge enters and a court official asks everyone to rise. The portly judge sits and squints at George and Trudy until he puts on his round, thick glasses She looks smart in a suit and pearls. She stands and claims that she has enough Indian blood in her so that she can not be tried for vagrancy. They leave the court while photographers snap away.
In the park she is hangs her washing on the line and George comes to see her. She says that she sees him as husband material and they end up kissing. Later, the Mayor sits with them in the park . He tells her that George is the owner of her building but she says she knew that two days ago. She convinces him to re-instate George with the promise that he will watch the rent. She wins the Mayor over by saying that she will make a governor out of him and states attorney out of George. She inks arms with the Mayor and they walk off happily.


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