Film: 8993

Media | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Promotional film for GB Equipment 16mm projectors.
Kinetoscope. Cinema projection room views. 16mm projector. GBI promotional film. A piece of 16mm safety film and 35mm nitrate film are set alight on a plate. Building Gaumont British 16mm film projectors 'Gebescopes'. A man leaves a GB shop and puts a projector and screen in the back of his open topped car. Dramatised section of a family setting up their new home movie projector. GB salesman shoes how to lace up the projector. They put up the screen, dim the lights and watch a film with a biblical setting. Some other people watch an industrial film in an office. Businessmen then discuss what they have seen, they are all smoking. A salesman discusses the benefits of using film to sell his products. He has also bought a 'GB Scope' for his school. A classroom with film show. They watch a film of microscopic things, teacher gives commentary while freeze framing.

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