Film: 8994

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Rwanda and Burundi after independence. Need for better oil industry.
Traditional African life, market, farming and fishing at night. Oil industry. White teacher teaches black children in French (probably a Belgian teacher).
Girls' choir singing outdoors. Man canoes on river or lake. Economics and the need for the two new nations to be able to have access to oil. Views of everyday life - markets, people playing drums balanced on their heads. This shot contrasted with line of oil drums at a storage depot - the contrast of the old with the new. Oil tanker on an earth road in the countryside. Women washing their clothes in river. Person enters a traditional mud hut. Attractive traditional designs on house. Making clay by stamping on mud patch and preparing roof tiles which are curved around a mould. Rows of tiles drying in the sun. Modern buildings. White nun hand cranks to start a stationary engine. Tribal women sing, chant and dance around a fire. Men dance too. Birds in countryside. Nesting. Canoeing on lake. Parrots on tree. Boy in canoe uses spear to try to catch something in water. An animal speared. A woman with a child wrapped up on her back. Hospital and point of view from patient's perspective of two white and one black doctors and surgical team looking down on our camera position.
Tribal drumming. A British Petroleum fuel tanker towing a fuel tanker trailer approaches a road barrier. This is raised and tanker passes through. Tanker in countryside. Airliner flying in sky. The tanker and trailer crossing a bridge. An open backed truck on a dusty road. It is full of men. Solitary canoeist on lake crosses in front of reflection of moon. It is night. Fishing at night from boats with lights attached. Man cooking. Refectory. White nun, black priest. Line of men engaged in agriculture - they are working soil, using mattocks. Planting seeds. Schoolroom. A white teacher teaches through the medium of French. A market. A man washes vegetables in stream.
Filling fuel can from pump. Use of lights in fishing. Boats on shore at night. Airliners flying and landing. Two sets of airport steps, one with 'Air Congo' on side, and other with 'Sabena'. Air Congo aircraft on tarmac. Thatched huts overlooking lake in pretty surroundings. Women tending ground. Solitary man canoes again.

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