Film: 8998

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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American chirpy information film on safety in the workplace due to the efforts of the factory foreman. Possibly filmed using actual staff of the Ceco steel products Corporation, which might explain the bad acting. Some great laboured facial expressions with workers doing silly things, such as smoke next to flammable liquid, use machinery the wrong way and generally acting unsafe.

Middle aged man in slacks and rolled up shirt sleeves in joinery workshop or could be his own workshop, bench with tools and cupboards on wall, he is holding two pieces of wood together. Man marks piece of wood, props up wood ready to saw. Close-up of mans hands holding saw and gently moving it, cuts his thumb. Man pretends to be upset and hurt, but doesn't look it, thumps saw down on table. 'Censored' sign appears as if man is swearing. Man holds his hand and shakes his head. Close up of cut on hand.

Mans hand bandaged and holding chart. Man at work in white shirt and bow tie, his name is Art, he is a foreman in a factory, unfurls chart, man in overalls, supposedly a carpenter comes over to talk. Art facing camera chats and smiles, carpenter side of face in picture. Carpenter talks facing camera. Art gesticulates and talks back to carpenter, facing camera.. Art and carpenter both in picture talking. Carpenter and Art in joinery workshop, carpenter looks at Art saw, Art puts wood up on some blocks and begins to cut. Close up of Art demonstrating how he was cut by the saw. Carpenter puts block of wood down, calls it a mitre box and chooses sharper saw, makes Art have a go at sawing. Close up of saw going through wood in rough way. Carpenter instructs Art in how to use the saw, Art picks up piece of wood looking impressed, carpenter walks off as if to correct someone else as Art studies his piece of wood. Man places a piece of wood on forks of a fork lift truck, holding a saw, he gets on wood and fork lift truck raises as carpenter runs forward and stops them, carpenter breaks wood with foot to show how flimsy it is and sends fork lift truck driver off. Carpenter talking to young man holding broken plank in his hand. Carpenter and man chatting as fork lift truck driver returns with safety platform, cage like structure on forks of truck, carpenter instructs younger man and man gets in cage which gently rises.

Art and carpenter chat in workshop and carpenter demonstrates with his hand how to saw. Art the foreman, pretends to think in an obvious way, shrugging and putting hands to his head before standing with hands on hips, suddenly makes strange lurching expression. Young man with glasses struggles with gas canister, trying to move it manually across the floor, called Jim. Art the foreman slaps his forehead in gesture of disbelief (very good!) and then rubs his face with his hand making anguished expressions. Art goes to talk, Jim still struggling with large gas canister. Art with back to camera talks to Jim with gas canister, who looks tired, dirty and a bit fed up. Art the foreman, facing camera, Jim with gas canister side on, art gives cap to man to put on valve of canister, to protect it, Art the foreman demonstrating an explosion (has sweat stained shirt). Art the foreman gets small cart to put gas cylinder in and chains it in place, Jim tries it for himself. Art the foreman smiles in very cheesy way, pleased with himself, looking sideways from camera. Man puts on face mask and welds, camera pans down to show sparks falling onto cables on the floor, suddenly pair of feet appear. Art the foreman stands next to welder and points at cables, another man pulls cart of equipment across floor, Art the foreman gesticulates at him. Art the foreman on factory floor, man to near right, operating machinery, Art the foreman walks forwards to chat, foreman turns to chat to man behind also operating machinery. Man introduced as Ted, a slow learner, operates a mechanical drill,

Art the foreman walks towards camera behind drill. Drill with lump spinning at end. Art the foreman talks to Ted, who takes vice and inserts object into it. Close up of drill drilling object in vice, man tries to brush off metal shavings with his fingers. Art the foreman, with angry expression talks to Ted, who points downwards. Close-up of brush, brushing metal shards. Art the foreman smiles talking to factory worker who smiles back. Art the foreman talking to man in fork lift truck ( introduced as Bill, an old-timer) explaining controls, man in fork lift truck pushes lever and jerkily shunts forward, Art the foreman talks smiling to Bill in fork lift truck, who fiddles with levers and smiles back. Fork lift truck, words CLARK written down side, Bill gets in fork lift truck and fiddles in top pocket of shirt. Bill takes cigarette out, puts in mouth and lights it, putting pack in pocket. Bill drives fork lift truck off camera. No smoking sign, truck driving towards camera in warehouse, foreman approaches, hands out trying to stop truck. Bill still smoking talks to Art the foreman, whose back is to camera, trying to tell Bill to stop. art the foreman side view to camera, points to vats allegedly full of flammable liquid, gesticulates an explosion with his hands, man in forklift takes cigarette out of mouth, Art also makes curving movements with his hands, describing corners. Art the foreman smiling at man in fork lift truck. Factory floor, lots of machinery, man working in foreground, woman working in background. Woman factory worker, called a sensitive type of worker, named Evelyn, using a sander or similar piece of heavy machinery. Close up of woman's hand wearing ring, as she holds metal bar to piece of machinery. Evelyn facing camera holding piece of metal to sanding machine or similar piece of equipment. Art the foreman hands Evelyn a set of documents. She stops working. Evelyn facing camera shakes her head as she looks at documents. Evelyn's hands taking ring off finger. Evelyn smiles at foreman as he walks off, she carries on smiling as she continues her work. Man with back to camera operating large piece of machinery, metal and sparks flying off, Art the foreman approaches him. Art and man chat in artificial manner. Art seen at odd angle through machinery talking to factory worker and looking at work. Art the foreman walks towards factory worker in foreground and demonstrates technique with his hands, man in background operating equipment. Art the foreman smiles toothily in smug, pleased with himself way.

Art at his desk in his office, carpenter walks over and picks up saw on foreman's desk, large lorry seen through window with company- Ceco, written on it. Art and the carpenter talk in foreman's office, carpenter leaning over foreman's desk. Art and carpenter both walk towards window and gaze at truck with Ceco written on it. clamp, taken by slow learner, Ted, who smiles as he uses machinery. Bill the old-timer, driving a forklift truck around the warehouse. Jim, man with glasses moving canisters of gas in trolleys, towards camera. Evelyn, woman polishing or sanding metal rods. Man operates large piece of machinery. One man operating fork lift truck, another standing on platform, being lifted. Men working on machinery, drills, on factory floor. Art the foreman and carpenter chat standing next to window with advert written on lorry for steel company in background.

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