Film: 9000

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Chaplin's First Films
Close-up to headline from "The Bioscope" dated March 26, 1914. "Keystone's latest capture is Chas. Chaplin the famous comedian of Fred Karno's 'Humming Birds' Company. Watch for him and Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand".
'Making a Living'. Very short clip - six seconds long. Chaplin with two women. Mother makes sure his collar is smart. Young woman played by Virginia Kirtley hands him top hat. He looks annoyed at woman's interference. She then hands him a cuff for his sleeve and his cane. The three walk off arm in arm.
'Mabel's Strange Predicament'. Chaplin in usual tramp garb indicates Mabel Normand's dog. "I want to buy a nice doormat" She walks off haughtily with dog. He shrugs, turns his back to camera and walks away twirling his cane.
'Tillie's Punctured Romance' Marie Dressler has been arrested. Maid (Normand) points finger at her, Chaplin faints and is caught by cop. Police leave. Maid remorseful and cries. Maid and older woman (Dressler) hug. Older one kisses younger one on cheek. The three actors each take a bow after emerging from behind curtain.
(Another clip). Chaplin points. Accompanying woman is crying. Chaplin kicks woman up backside. In room. Man unconscious in chair. Chaplin tries to wake him by hitting him on the head with mallet. Man is asleep but laughs. Chaplin joins in before hitting man hard on head with hammer. Then fans him with towel. Chaplin 'helps' old man by loading trunk onto his back, hands him his stick and kicks him. In kitchen, wife, Chaplin and baby. Charlie carries baby by scruff of neck. Opens door and enters lounge. Holds baby boy in air. Plumps a pillow, sits on it, puts baby on floor. Wife in kitchen cries, picks washing out of tub and throws it back in creating a splash. Next door Charlie is lying in baby's rocking crib reading paper. Tells baby on floor to be quiet. Offers baby a pistol. Baby plays with gun.
'Mabel's married Life'. Drunken Chaplin looks menacingly at boxers dummy.
'His Prehistoric Past' with Mack Swain. Big man, little man. Cavemen dressed in skins, Chaplin in bowler hat. Big man slaps Chaplin twice, Chaplin taps man back. Cut to five girls in skins / furs, grooming hair. Chaplin kicks man over cliff.
(All the above for Keystone).
1-1-15 joins Essanay.
Third film 'The Champion' four men, including Chaplin sit on a bench. All wearing boxing gloves. Two are unconscious. One called off to be sparring partner for big boxer. Just about to start when trainer stops boxers and waits for stretcher to be brought in . Close up of Charlie. Takes horseshoe from pocket. Chews it thoughtfully. Puts it inside his glove, smiles. Sparring partner knocked out. Carried off on stretcher. Laid on floor at Charlie's feet. Charlie knocks out the champion. Boxing. Also knocks out other sparring partner. Boxer knocks out his seconds. Boxer and Charlie fight. Charlie hits boxer. Knocks him down. Kicks him. Boxer runs away. Chase down pavement. Good turn at corner. Charlie stops at corner. Cop stands behind Chartlie. Charlie accidentally hits cop in face. Charlie evades capture by ducking between cops legs. Charlie hits cop in stomach and face. Runs through door, cop hits nose on slammed door. Charlie spars with himself and hits himself in face. Charlie chaired off by men. Cheers. Waving hats and gloves in air.
'The Tramp' Charlie walks down dusty lane to camera. Feels sole of shoes. Car nearly hits him. He falls over. Happens again. He dusts himself off with brush, very neatly done, hat, clothes, between legs to backside. Sits by tree with neat polka-dot handkerchief tied bundle. Before eating sandwich he manicures his fingers and sharpens knife on sole of shoe. Other man appears from behind tree and swaps sandwich for brick. Charlie puts salt on grass and eats it. Drinks from tin. Ties up his pack. Man attacks woman. He chases her to Charlie who knocks him down and kicks him. Charlie falls over. Man runs away. Charlie lifts hat to girl whilst still on floor. She shows Charlie her money, he takes it, she is unhappy and he returns it. Three men by fire smoking. Man advances on woman, Chralie hides behind tree. Woman gives man money. Charlie hits man with handkerchief (which includes brick). Man is stunned. Charlie hits him again. He gets the money back. Returns it to girl. Doffs his hat. Man knocks other man over.
'The Bank' (with Edna Purviance). Three men hold and gag girl. Janitor Charlie alerted to cries. Woman manhandled. Charlie runs up, knocks gun out of man's hand and knocks him down. Kicks second man on backside. Does flying kick at his chest. Third man takes a swing at Charlie. Charlie ducks and locks man behind barred door. Woman undoes gag. She faints, Charlie catches her. Charlie locks bank vault. Two men wrestle. Charlie carries girl over his shoulder, puts his hat on, bends to pick up gun. Climbs stairs. Kicks baddie's gun out of hand and holds gun to his head. Man holds hands up. Charlie holds gun on him. Man hides under desk. Charlie backs man into room. Drops girl on chair, man seizes opportunity and he and Charlie grapple. Strangles Charlie on the desk. Girl gets up and holds gun to baddie's back. Charlie staggers around. Charlie picks small sack off desk. Very heavy, it falls. Other men fight. One is knocked out. Charlie knocks man out with bag. Makes telephone call. Man sticks head out from under desk. Police take robbers away. Manager congratulates Chaplin and shakes his hand. Man under desk emerges and looks ashamed. Man is dismissed. Manager points to door. Holds head in shame. Manager shakes girl's hand and pats her shoulder. Man and girl hold one another. He holds her finger. They are newly engaged. Climb stairs at back. He hugs her. She smiles. Charlie kicks posy of flowers away, walks off.

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