Film: 9001

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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A Day In The Life of Berlin, Germany
Soft wavelets on water interrupted by horizontal lines that move up and down. Level crossing barrier. Steam train passes by. Rail tracks, steam engine wheels, passing countryside, sense of speed. Train buffers moving against each other, telegraph poles, pass sign: 'Berlin 151 km'. Cross bridge. Small houses on side of railway. Industrial landscape. Houses under construction. Railway station. Houses close up as train passes by. Now pulling into station: Berlin, Germany, Europe. Shots of trucks, camera movement begins to slow. Aerial shots of Berlin. Close up of clock, 5 o'clock, the streets are deserted. Drain cover in road, shot of sewers with water flowing. Tall office blocks shot from below. Shops with shutters down. Shop dummies in shop window. Policeman walking dog along street. Cat walking along street. Man with two women on his arms followed by man trailing three deflated balloons - party revellers on their way home? Pigeons eating in street. Man pasting posters on poster point. Two policemen walking down street. Gates of train shed being opened and steam train with a destination card of Potsdam attached to front engine emerges. Man smoking pipe opens house door, leaves by door and walks down street. Three men walking down street. Roads are getting busier, people on streets. Train crossing bridge. Man emptying bucket of water on to cobbled street next to moored ship (its funnel only can be seen). Train station from street. Work men walking towards camera. Tram, person descends. More people on streets. Shot of walking peoples' feet. Bus and tram, people getting on the latter. Train station busy with people. Factory gate being opened. People ascending stairs in railway station. Train pulling into station and people disembarking. Crowds descending station steps. Crowds ascending steps. Shots of peoples' legs walking, cut to cows' legs walking. German soldiers marching. Shot of civilians walking the same way as the soldiers. Crowded street full of people walking in the same direction. Beggar playing music box. Crowds crossing bridge, shot from beneath. Four chimneys (like Battersea Power station) in the distant haze. Men arriving at factory. Men whipping cows through gate. Men going through gate (some with bicycles) while being watched by man in uniform. Men in locker room of factory. Stationary factory machinery. A hand presses lever down. Machinery begins to turn. Metals arms punch, arms turn, wheels spin, pistons. Bottles are produced and are filled with milk. Steelworks, heat. The four chimneys smoke. Shutters in houses are opened as are windows. A woman throws water on the steps outside a house. She begins to mop them. Man emerges from side street pulling a cart piled high with apples for market. The cart is being controlled by another man who follows it. Girl descends steps outside house. Car being cleaned with hose pipe. Boy emerges from shop door (sweets displayed in window) with basket and wearing white hat and smock. Nurse descends steps (of a hospital?) and passes through gate. Two refuse men, bin men carry dust bin out of door and tip it into cart. Horse and cart in street. Postmen emerging from door with bundles of letters. School children's' legs walking. Three school girls dawdling and then stopping on street pavement. One smacks another. School children going to school. Going through school doors. All children carry briefcases or satchels. Solitary child running in street. Close up of clock, 8 o'clock. Shop shutters being raised revealing fruit, silverware, women's fashions. Shot from inside flat looking out of window through blinds. The blinds are raised revealing windows in a block opposite. These blinds are also being raised. Man lighting cigarette in street (he is wearing a boater and a bow tie). Two men open large gates. Men on horses emerge. Men riding horses under trees (in a park?). Stable lads cleaning out stables. Pile of steaming manure. Woman cleaning restaurant floor which has chairs on the tables. Two people beating carpet which is suspended from line. Car being pushed out of garage, rear first. Street cleaning machine. Men with brushes sweep street, shop keepers removing boards from their shop windows. Streets with people walking. A bus stops, close up of feet getting on to bus. People climbing stairs at back of bus. Street scene, bus, train, car. Well dressed man emerges from large door. Car with roof down awaits him. Chauffeur removes cap. Wealthy man gets into car, lights cigar and is driven away. Suited men talking while walking down street. Close up of man's shoe being cleaned by shoe shine boy. Train arriving at station. People running down stairs in train station. People getting on to train. Train leaving. Interior of train: man reading newspaper. Arriving at another station. People disembark. Crowds in station. Flower seller. People walking in street and entering large doorways. Fruit in baskets being placed on cart. Horse being fed with nose bag. Row of horses in carts. Man with one leg assisted by crutches walks down street. People going into large doorways (offices). Close up of feet ascending steps. Lifts ascending. Filing cabinets being opened. Pens being placed on desk. Cover of typewriter being removed. Woman's hands seen typing. Close ups of typewriter keys and hammers. They are superimposed on each other and begin to spin creating a spiral. Cut to machinery hammering. Telephones being answered. Telephone dials being turned. Factory machinery. Telephone operator talking and pushing plug into switch board. Close up of monkey screaming. Dogs fighting. Telephone receivers being replaced. Three trains seen through girders. Men digging large hole, excavator bucket removing earth from trench. Men pulling up hammer on jig and releasing it to knock enormous peg into ground. Aerial view of busy street (buses, trains). People in street congregating around man speaking. Street traders selling. Pigeons in cage, boys looking on. Man talking to woman in busy street. Two men argue in street, one pushes the other. A crowd develops. A policeman with large moustache intervenes. Busy streets, solitary woman walking back and forth, one walks past window, makes eye contact with a man and they walk off together (prostitution?). Shot of model knife sharpener. Bride gets out of car and ascends steps. Policeman directing traffic. Trams, people, out of this chaos an old woman climbs some steps and enters a church. A horse lying in the road, owner forces it to its feet. German soldiers standing to attention, dignitaries get out of car. Hindenburg walks down steps. German military procession. Crowds of people marching down street, a demonstration? Man on podium speaks to crowd, as he gesticulates wildly. Woman with charity box in street. More trams. Horse drawn hearse. People in costumes with black heads in street. Black person in street. Trains, steam. Destination cards fade from and into each other. Suitcase passed out of train to porter, suitcases being thrown on to cart. Suitcases being put into taxi, starter handle being turned. People getting on to bus. Lufthansa aircraft, people getting into plane. Aeroplane taking off. Biplane taking off. Planes in flight. Aerial view of Berlin. Man getting out of taxi and entering hotel via revolving doors. Bell boys in uniform. Hotel room keys on hooks. Trains. Traffic jam at road crossing. Traffic begins to move again, bicycle sets off, horse struggles to regain momentum. Fast editing: cars, trams, buses. Policeman brings camera to a stop. Cut to view of wooden toy dolls in a shop window, the dolls - boy and girl dolls rocking back and forth from their waists - nice early moving toys. Cigarette butt discarded in street. Homeless man picks it up. More cars, policeman crosses street holding a boy's hand. View of a sofa or couch with mechancial mechanism so the seat flips over and turns the sofa into a bed. People experiencing difficulty in crossing street. Trains crossing each other, passing each other, speeding to their destinations. Newspaper montage. Images of policemen, cars, trams, superimposed on each other, chaos. Close up of clock, Noon.

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