Film: 9002

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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A day in the life of Berlin, Germany, Europe.
Men on construction site leaving work to have their lunch. Men descending ladder and putting coats on. Men at table drinking from bottles. Horses eating from nose bags. Elephant eating in a zoo. Delicatessen shop window. Men entering restaurant through revolving doors. Medium close up of a plate of food. People eating soup and other food at tables. Lion behind bars (in zoo) eating meat by tearing it away from the bone by shaking its head. Child being fed shakes head in the same way as the lion. Immature camel in zoo suckling on its mother's teats. Man speaking to waitress at restaurant table (al fresco). Poverty stricken woman sitting on steps as two children vie for her attention. Massive plates of food being placed on a table. Animals bones being chopped by chef using an axe. Chefs preparing food in a large busy restaurant kitchen. More enormous plates of food being placed on a table. Expensive looking restaurant. People eating in the restaurant. Man eating sausage in the street near a sausage seller. School children buying and eating sweets from a street vendor. Monkey eating nuts in a zoo. Plates and cups being cleaned by hand and by machine. Dustbin full of waste food as children play in the earth nearby. A skinny cat on the dustbin foraging for food.
Old woman chewing while sitting on a bench in the street while those sitting on the same bench sleep. People sitting and relaxing on the steps of a building. An elephant's backside. A hippopotamus opens jaws (as if yawning) behind fence. Muzzled dog attached by harness to a cart lies down. Bears in zoo lying down. Elephant lies down in order to sleep. Solitary man sleeps on bench.
City canal shot from moving barge. Man pushing barge along by using a pole that it is imbedded in the bottom of the canal. Barge passing under bridge.
Park attendant watering grass with hose pipe. Woman flanked by two girls (all wearing white) walk towards a camera. Poor children playing in the earth in a park and then cut to children playing in gutter. Girl playing with lion cubs. Boys playing marbles. Girl with miniature pram. Woman walking along street pushing a full sized pram. Girl with pram struggling to pull her pram up the steps to a house.
Two women looking out of window. Shot of apartment windows in a block with people looking out of their windows in order to listen to the musicians playing at ground level: a violinist and some sort of keyboard player.
Man sleeping on step. Men talking on street corner. Man lighting woman's cigarette at a restaurant table, al fresco. Man pays waiter having tapped his cup to get the waiter's attention. He gets up to leave. Cut to elephant getting up, cut to seals getting out of a pool of water in a zoo.
Machinery starts up. A printing press. Newspaper s being bound together, put in to vans. The vans leave the depot and head off in different directions. Men in uniform selling newspapers in the street.
Trucks speeding by, revolving door spinning, roller coaster from the point of view of the person in the front of the ride. A woman begging, cut to a diamond necklace being removed from a shop window. Leaves on a cobbled street being blown about by the wind, shop awnings flapping in the wind, a revolving door spinning, a hat being blown down the street, a woman running across the road.
A dramatic suicide: woman looking into water from a bridge over a river, close up of her face, roller coaster, extreme close up of woman's eyes, rollercoaster, extreme close up of her eyes again, water begins to spin and a spiral develops, there is a splash in the water and people rush to look over the railings of the bridge. As a crowd develops a shot of the water under the bridge shows it flowing, undisturbed (life goes on).
Female models on a cat walk, cut to a train passing, cut to a lion pacing in its cage, cut to dogs fighting, cut to a monkey screaming, cut to a series of one way signs, cut to a train approaching the camera that veers off at the last moment, cut to a rollercoaster and the camera spins out of focus.
It begins to rain, people run for cover, two women appear from a doorway and open their respective umbrellas, people walking in street with umbrellas.
Close up of a fire engines hand bell being rung while rushing through Berlin's streets. Fire engine passes by.
Dog dries itself by shaking, birds eating in the street, it has stopped raining. Factory machinery coming to halt. Men washing in long line of basins. Men leaving the factory. The factory gate being shut.
Leisure activities: Canal lock being opened revealing numerous pleasure boats that subsequently enter the lock. Children playing in the water. Different types of sport: Yachts on a lake, motor car racing, children's go-kart racing, male athletes setting off on long distance race, pigeons being released for pigeon race, dogs released so that they may compete, athletes running, cyclists racing, two row boats racing, horse racing scenes, people playing tennis, people playing polo, girls playing netball, large crowd as solitary man runs down street to win a long distance race.
Wealthy people/families walking in the evening. Woman paying taxi fare. Woman drinking (tea/coffee) at restaurant table.
Female models on cat walk. Woman applying make-up.
Couples dancing on a restaurant dance floor. Cut to cat walk and then to couples walking in a park and then cut to two sets of lovers talking on a park bench.
Darkness descends as lights are switched on. Streets full of cars with their headlights on. Illuminated signs flash. People queuing and paying at a cinema box office. Shot of cinema interior: people's heads silhouetted against the bottom quarter of a white screen on which Charlie Chaplin's feet appear. Enormous illuminated signs and shop windows at night.
Actresses/dancers applying makeup in a dressing room. Shot of a theatre audience, close up of a conductor's baton being tapped. Conductor begins to conduct his orchestra. Close up of violins, drums, cellos being played. Man pulling on rope to raise stage curtain. Stage full of women and a dance performance ensues. Shot of female cloakroom attendant counting her takings. Trapeze artistes on stage. One falls and lands on trampoline and does a jig. Horseman riding his horse on a stage. Bicycle acrobatics, juggler, black male singers, women dancing, line of women doing the can can. Close up of women's legs. Curtain rises and falls for the performers to receive applause. Actors and dancers leave the stage (aerial view). Audience pours on to the street out of the theatres. Close up of man and woman's legs as they get into a taxi. Street scene at night from a moving vehicle; see people walking, cars and buses.
Ice hockey team taking to the ice, synchronised ice dancing (both in an indoor rink). Skiing in indoor arena. Ice hockey being played. Cycle race in a velodrome. Boxing, a boxer has his head pummelled by another boxer. Ballroom dancing in a boxing ring. A band playing, couples ballroom dancing, people dancing the Charleston in a nightclub, flappers having a wild time, lots of shots. ( Really good long party sequence )
Men in the street hammering and welding by the light of large spot lights.
Men drinking in a bar,( most of them are drunk and a bit sleazy ) close up of an accordion being played, shot of the underside of seats with backsides bouncing in them. Smart Men and women drinking champagne at a table. Cocktails being shaken by waiter in the background. Aerial view of people ballroom dancing.
Cards being dealt in a casino, a roulette wheel being spun, buses in street scene at night, fireworks explode.
Light at the top of a radio mast is seen to be revolving.

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