Film: 9003

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Silent comedy.
In bakery: arms of man make very tall stack of white bags. Man picks them up and staggers through shop. Other man appears through trap door. Larry Semon, carrying bags falls through into bakery. Larry sits up dazed. Bakers rush to pick him up. Upstairs, woman customer argues with male shop assistant. Boss (played by Oliver Hardy, then known as Babe Hardy) throws man away and bows humbly. Larry climbs ladder out of bakery, boss slams trap door on Larry who falls down ladder onto bakers. Larry runs up ladder, pushes trap door open which hits boss and he runs away. Boss hits shop assistant and chases him. Boss pushes other shop assistant away from counter. Takes money from lady. Rings up "No Sale" on till and puts coin in pocket. Rubs his hands. Larry with lady customer, other shop man with other lady, both pairs stand on either side of large revolving cake display. Each man spins it to his advantage just as other is about to take something. Larry shows cake to lady, man snatches it off him. Man puts it back on shelf. Lady tells Larry off and wags her finger. Man gives lady big cake and leans on stand. Larry spins it, man falls over. Jumps in air angrily. Spins it back and sign hits Larry on head. Larry spins stand and sign hits man on head. Two men argue. Boss appears and hits man with leaves. Boss deals with lady. Larry spins case and sign hits boss. Boss spins stand, Larry ducks and sign does complete circle and hits boss. Larry realises who it is and boss chases Larry round stand. Larry jumps on case, but Boss catches him. He is about to hit Larry when sign hits him and knocks him over. Larry jumps over stack of bags on counter. Boss stacks up wheeled cart with big cases. Shop assistant does same with another cart. Outside, car pulls up, owner in top hat and his daughter and other man get out. Owner of bakery greets next-door shop keeper and his wife. Introduces everyone. Man with barrel organ, portable on stick and with monkey appears. Monkey claps and does somersault. Girl gets money off laughing father and gives it to monkey.
In shop, lady asks Larry for something on top shelf. Larry climbs ladder. She points. She takes her cape off and slings it over loaves on counter. She sits down. Close up white mouse emerging from inside loaf of bread. Eats crumbs. Black cat walks along counter to mouse. Mouse jumps off, so does cat. They land on shelves. Larry gets bottle down for lady. She points to top shelf. Larry climbs ladder. Mouse goes up his sleeve. It tickles. It gets into his trousers. Ladder leans away from wall with Larry at top kicking his legs. Mouse falls out of Larry's trousers onto lady's back. Climbs into her dress. She screams and tries to get mouse out. Larry cuts a piece of cheese and tells woman to be quiet. He runs a trail of cheese scent up her back, rests the cheese on back of her bent over head and prepares to hit mouse with sack of flour. Mouse appears, Larry hits woman as mouse jumps off. She is covered in flour, and is very angry. Cat jumps in barrel of flour and comes out white with black eyes. Lady complains to boss. Larry moves cart from where it is being stacked, man falls to ground. Larry shunts other cart, boxes fall off onto boss. Boss kicks trolley cart back, Larry jumps out of way, Shop assistant picked up and dumped out of window into water butt full of water which collapses. Boss calms lady, shows her small sack. Wet man jumps in air angry and climbs through window. Wet man pushes cart at Larry who ducks under cart. It hits lady into pile of boxes. Boss rescues her, but she is very angry and throws sacks after him. She swings flour sack at him. He ducks. Owner walks in as bucket is thrown. Water filled bucket hits owner in face. Owner very angry. Baker carries loaves through trap door. Larry removes chair, owner falls through trap door into dough of batter, bread mix, whitewash. Bakers help him out, but he is very white. Larry attends to girl, holds her hand. Owner and boss climb ladder. Owner shakes his fist. Larry shows girl large cake. Owner orders his manager / boss to office. Orders he open safe. Owner shown book. Outside, monkey steals knitting woman's ball of wool, she chases it off by throwing pin cushion at it. Monkey throws pin cushion back, lands on chair, woman sits on it. Shakes her fist at monkey which jumps in air happily. She knits and does not notice monkey pulls loose thread. Monkey unravels knitting. In bakery, baker takes surreptitious swig of "home brew". Monkey runs off with wool. Monkey falls through trap door into baker's tub of dough. Gets out all white, just as man stops drinking. Man frightened and jumps into barrel of flour. Emerges and spits out mouthful of flour. Monkey tries to lick itself clean. Larry shows owner's daughter large gateau. Owner says to manager, "There's a shortage in the books". Manager thrown out of office. Sees Larry decorating gateau and tells him to leave, but girl tells manager to leave instead. Larry is smug. Owner spies two men about to rob him. He beats them up. One man is knocked into Larry. Larry is covered in cake. Manager tells shop asssistant to leave Larry to him. Larry wants to wipe cream and cake off his face but is unable to. Manager takes towel away from Larry and leads him along with towel as a carrot. Outdoors, man appears through trap-door in pavement with barrel. Rolls barrel away. Lift disappears. Manager tries to lead Larry into hole, but lift appears just in time and Larry walks right over it. Manager annoyed runs after Larry. Man fails to get Larry knocked down by tram which veers away at last moment. Leads Larry into house. Still blinded Larry feels way along wall. Opens door of bathroom. Woman's feet appear beneath shower curtain. Larry gets towel and wipes face. Close up woman's hands washing feet. Woman's face appears through curtain and screams. Man in dressing gown appears with gun and chases Larry out of bathroom. Man chases Larry who jumps in air. Man falls down trap door. Lift shaft. Bakery owner handed telephone by daughter. "Give me the police". Manager and side kick appear with guns under aprons. Manager holds gun to owner's stomach. Puts hand in air. Other man pulls gun on girl. Orders her out. She tells Larry. He leads her by the hand. Puts finger to lips, Shhhh! Larry lifts sack of flour over head. Manager kicks owner in stomach whilst holding gun. Larry throws sack and knocks manager over. Other man and owner grapple, owner knocked down. Man runs up stairs, Larry run after him. Larry kicked down stairs. Man runs into room, puts cases in front of door. Owner runs up stairs and puts shoulder to door, cannot get in, Larry jumps through window. Larry lifts ladder. Owner breaks into room. Man jumps out of window and lands on ladder. Ladder falls outside fence with Larry and man on it, like on see-saw. Two trucks nearly hit bouncing man, see-saw cartwheels over two fences, and ends up against building. Owner arrives with gun, goes into house in which an old couple live. Larry pursues man up ladder and onto roof. Elderly bearded man gives owner rifle, sneak on tiptoe to fire place. Man leaps down chimney and creates sooty cloud outside and in. People with sooty, black faces rub them. Man runs away from owner. Girl holds him up with gun. He gets gun. Larry runs along roof and jumps on man. They wrestle. Larry gives bag of money to girl who gives it to her sooty father. Larry kisses her hand.

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