Film: 9004

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Larry Semon silent slapstick comedy

Tall pine trees in forest - stock shots. Log being sawed. Men at work in sawmill. Boss of sawmill greets his daughter who stands on felled tree-trunks. Lifts her off. She has brought him lunch. Foreman walks to camera - looks a 'baddie'! Foreman carries a whip (he is played by Oliver Hardy, then known as 'Babe' Hardy. He sees a long way off with his hand over his eyes. Owner and his daughter on horse-back. Foreman cracks whip. Man drops plank on foreman's foot, takes off hat, kneels and begs for mercy. Foreman punches him down. Foreman uses whip to make men run around. Foreman pats cheek of manager's daughter. He asks if there is any food for him in her basket. She marches off huffily. Her father laughs and stops his knee.

Close-up of Larry Semon sitting astride large log travelling down chute in woods. Smokes pipe. Pretends to row. Log stops. Owner and daughter turn up on horses, manager and men doff their hats. Daughter helped off horse. Manager calls men to get box for owner to dismount onto. Box collapses, owner falls to ground. Men help him up. Larry hops off log. Girl comes up to him with her lunchbox. Foreman rolls up sleeves. Larry gets pear out of box. Already cut in half, he gives half to girl. He gives her big apple. Foreman forces girl away, Larry carries on handing food to foreman. Foreman bites sandwich. Larry asks for food back, foreman gives him sandwich, then snatches it back, throws it on floor and punches Larry. Larry gives box to foreman who tries to whip Larry. Larry ducks, foreman hits his own backside. Larry delighted, claps his hands. Foreman chases and catches Larry. Foreman hit by large log. Chase sequence. Larry starts a log down its chute - hotly pursued by foreman. Cross viaduct, both on logs. Larry grabs overhead support, but foreman's log crashes. Manager, owner and his daughter knocked down by large rolling log. Larry jumps down off beam and laughs at foreman who dusts himself down. Another log hits Larry into foreman. Foreman chases Larry on foot. Larry runs up walkway into mill. Foreman throws large log at Larry who falls into mill. Owner and manager covered in sawdust. Larry runs off pursued by men. Man fills wheelbarrow with whitewash.

Owner's daughter consoles himself. He is angry with foreman. They laugh and shake hands. Manager gives rifle to owner who looks along it and nods approval. Larry does a big leap from one stack of wood to another. Man with wheelbarrow leaves it on plank. Larry jumps onto other end of plank. Wheelbarrow catapulted over owner. Owner covered in whitewash. Falls down. Helped up. Angry. Three men with sticks pursue Larry. Man opens furnace door and throws log in, walks away brushing hands. Foreman wipes down owner. Larry disguises himself with hat and coat. Tells four men chasing him, "He went that away!" Larry pushes log on trolley into owner who falls down. Foreman's backside knocked into furnace. Trousers smoke. Runs off, pours bucket of water into trough and sits in it. Is very relieved. Larry removes hat and jacket. Gets pipe out of pocket, puts it in mouth; lights it. Sits on log, moves over past large spinning saw - saw cuts back off Larry's trousers. Women see him indecently dressed. Larry runs and hides in shed. Large redwood tree felled straight through cabin. Larry emerges from wreckage only with underclothes on. Two men saw big tree. Larry puts trousers on. Tree felled right next to Larry. He rolls around. Gets up, worried, moves on, relaxes. Another tree crashes down immediately behind him. "The worm turns". He is angry with lumberjack. "Hey you!" Spits on hands. Chases man into sawmill. They climb ladders. Man rows log raft on lake. Man jumps off roof of building into lake. Man with raft brings it into mill-side.

Larry jumps onto raft by mistake. Speeded up chase around lake by rowing boat. Rowing boat chase continues onto dry land - good gag with rowing up and down hills in woods (stop motion technique). Larry rows off a small cliff and boat is destroyed. Larry dazed (close-up). Cook calls men and women to open-air dinner by banging frying pan. Foreman assists everyone to sit. Chinese servant brings food. Soup ladled out into bowls. Owner has big bowl - chef tips soup in from cauldron. He clasps hands happily. Puts salt and pepper in stew. Owner drinks from ladle. Man whitewashing numbers on wood pile tells Larry to do same. Man takes aim with rifle at Larry, but Larry moves. Curses. Larry runs out of whitewash, so goes to get more. Larry climbs ladder. Drops paintbrush in owner's soup bowl and soaks him. Foreman and cook clean him. Larry fills up with whitewash and balances bucket on plank. Smokes his pipe. Man shoots pipe and bucket of whitewash falls on head of foreman. Foreman furious. Man leaves gun. Owner turns table over. Lots of fist shaking. Larry chases man over wood piles. Man gets wagon going and jumps on, kicking Larry down. Larry shakes fist. Truck stops, man flies off into big tub of whitewash which breaks over owner and crowd of people. Owner seriously angry, dismisses foreman. Dog attacks owner's coat. Owner goes to safe and gets pay-off out of it for foreman. Points away. Men are dismissed. Foreman angrily points back. Owner slams door. Girl sits on settee. Dog jumps up and licks her face. Larry leans through window and sings song accompanied by small guitar. She clutches herself, he blows a kiss and clutches his heart. She holds her arms open to him, he climbs through window. He kisses her hand. Dog hides behind settee. Larry sings, dog howls and barks. Owner, annoyed at noise, reaches for gun off wall. Girl is concerned. Tells Larry to hide. He hides under table cloth, and crawls off. Dog drags table cloth off Larry.

Man catches Larry. Dog leaps onto chair and bites trigger of gun. It fires and owner falls over. He ties rope to dog's collar, and ties dog up to plant pot. Larry sneaks off. Dog pulls rope and plant pot fall's on man's head. Covered in soil. Foreman and men burst in with guns. They order owner to open safe. Daughter notices and directs Larry to open safe first. Men get to safe. Owner does not open it, so foreman gets small barrel of gunpowder. He lays trail from safe to settee. Dog takes gunpowder keg and puts it next to foreman, unseen. Foreman lights gunpowder. Trail goes round sofa and explodes. External shot of shack exploding. Safe is blown away. Larry gets out of it in field. Larry and girl get back in when men approach. They open safe and Larry holds them at gunpoint. He and girl get out. Other man knocks Larry out from behind. Two men take girl off. Larry chases after them. Larry throws a rope up tree and climbs up it. Girl locked in hut, tries to escape, but is put back in by men. Larry hauls girl up tree with rope. Men start to chop down tree. Girl's father breaks free from gunpoint. Larry in tree with girl lassoes beam. Man climbs up wooden scaffolding to beam to cut rope. As tree is felled, Larry and girl jump. They swing over lake. Man cuts rope with axe, they land in lake. Girl's father runs up - very dirty, black, blown-up, tatty. Daughter and he embrace. She indicates Larry saved her and opens her arms. Larry by lake opens his arms. Father opens his arms and runs at Larry. Larry ducks under father's embrace and runs to girl. Father ends up in lake. Larry and girl hug and kiss. Dog runs into lake. Larry runs away pursued by dog.

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