Film: 9006

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Cemeteries in Cardiff, Wales. City Hall, formal gardens. Gardening and use of weed killers.
Cathays cemetery, the crematorium, the morgue with cold store, the funeral chapel or church, the doors for cremation funerals, the organist plays sombre hymns.
Cardiff, South Wales. Civic buildings, City Hall, people walking about through areas of Spring planted bulbs and flowers. Various parts of Cathays Park. Inside Cardiff Castle. The Norman keep in the castle. Flowering cherry trees in Cathays Park. Municipal parks and gardens. Bed of red tulips poking through yellow bedding plants. Cathays Cemetery in heart of the city. Church. Very pretty flower beds. Graves of soldiers, reminiscent of a Commonwealth War Grave. Individual shots of words – ‘Their Name Liveth For Evermore’. Cross and statue of angel. Part of a cemetery is quite overgrown with long grass. Man at desk with fan on it with bits of paper attached to show fan is working. The post war decision to make a crematorium at Thornhill on the north side of Cardiff mentioned. Views over Thornhill, borders and close ups of various roses. A gravedigger digging a grave with a pickaxe and then a shovel. An estate of new houses in the background. A bright red small van with Saville written on side. An excavator or digger digging a grave. Excavator driver hops off this and onto small tipper truck which he drives off. Soil is tipped. Men help puts arms of digger back. This is driven off. Van departs.
The small canteen of he employees. A man sits at a chair eating a sandwich, other man walks to near him. View of a locker room. The church in the centre of the Crematorium. Cars driving along road in grounds. Views of buildings and grounds – it all looks very peaceful. Chipman Chemical Co Ltd piece of machinery is unloaded by men. This is a weed killing machine. Two men operate machine, one pushing the bulky part and other holding nozzle and spraying weedkiller onto path. Spray appears to travel onto lawn edges. Man wears Wellington boots. Another method of using weedkiller in a more confined space. Close up of the weed killer label – this is Atlavar a ‘safe form of chlorate weedkiller containing Telvar W’. It kills weeds such as dandelions, but presumably not grass. Men using long bar handle spraying mechanism on lawns and stepping around fir trees so as not to poison them. Man winds hose back on trolley. ‘Chlorea granular weed and grass killer’ label with instructions for dry application. Horrible sequence with man wearing white coat and carrying a dry powder applicator. He walks on tarmac path wafting a poisonous clod to the side. He holds handfuls of the granules to demonstrate and lets them run through his fingers back into applicator. Hand application of the granules on edge of tarmac roadway. Trolley wheeled away from camera position.
In chapel, organist playing church organ. Man walk along cloister and opens wide door. Inside chapel, the altar and pews with light streaming in. The interior of a 1950’s modern and stark church. Vases of chrysanthemum flowers and candlesticks on altar. Refrigeration chamber for storage of bodies. Man reading manuscript book in church. He turns pages. Lots of flowers in church

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