Film: 9008

Social History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Teenagers dancing to music of a live band (perhaps from T.V. show). Young, blonde girl swinging her arms up and down. Young girl smoking: heavy make-up, peroxide hair. Boy and girl surfing. Crowded beach. Coffee bar. Men and women the counter (all white - black waitress). Coffee poured. Hot-dogs cooking. Pieces of pizza being boxed up. Man eating. Dollars changing hands. Bill being rung up on cash register. Man eating a burger. Man slicing sandwiches. Farm. Machinery: plough, slider, spray - all automatic. Dozens of Massy Hanis combine harvesters.

Car factory production line. Old, smashed-up cars on a conveyor belt leading into a furnace. Crane drops a wreck onto a scrap heap. Crane operator shifting levers. Montage cars and freeways. Close-up 'Fourlane 400' [a Ford]. Three lane motorway. Bridges or flyovers overhead. Aerial views of dozens of connecting and avoiding roads. Cars on Russian (Soviet union C.C.C.P.) streets. Traffic policeman in a glass booth. German autobahn (signs Dusseldorf, Bonn, Aachen). View from moving car of roadside 'motel' and petrol station. View from rear of sports-car: young man driving, with girl passenger. Italian street. Italian traffic policeman. Man in car (with flat-cap) smoking. Taxis in traffic jam. Young woman driver, hands on the wheel, a cigarette between her fingers. Begins to hit wheel in frustration. More traffic. Light changing, whip pan to cars moving off.

London roundabout. Routemaster London bus - 22 Putney Common. London taxis. Variety of cars, especially English cars. Montage of car adverts and other adverts of coats, jewellery, drinks, Pan-Am, holiday brochures, watches, camera, lipstick, cosmetics, clothes, television, radios, furniture, kitchen items, food (Campbell's soup tins), 'Veg-All', (?????3), Heinz Soup, Kraft margarine, Coca Cola, Outspan, chocolate, supermarket shelf - ketchup, ?????3B. Mothers pushing trolleys laden with food and children in supermarket. Shopper's face. Women looking at shopping list. Cabinets, freezers, counters all full of food, pork pies, Ritz biscuits, Tate & Lyle, sugar packets. Sainsbury's magazine. Supermarket check-out, Corn Flakes packet prominent. Cash register. Woman filling shopping trolley. Woman handing over money in payment, putting change in purse.

April 1967. Indian village of Baha. Emaciated man walking barefoot on rocky ground. Rural village - mud huts, starving children. Man eating grains of rice. Milk distribution. Man or peasant irrigating fields with rudimentary (but effective) water slew. Ploughing soil with oxen. Scattering the seed. Winnowing by hand. Grinding - tow women hammer the rice (?). With great staffs in an enormous stone bowl. Peasants working in the fields. Chinese woman scatter seed, another draws the soil over them. A Bolivian woman (in bowler-hat) plants seed. Montage of people tilling the soil - crude fools, back-breaking work. Irrigation mill - driven by humans, another by a camel. A woman washes a cow, knee-deep in water. An Indian man milks a cow. Man uses a sickle. A man demonstrates a scythe. Swarm of locusts. Crop sprayer. Irrigation channel. Harvesting - apples, grapes, oranges, cauliflower, melons.

A dam, floodgates open. Huge dam under construction, a snake of men passing up and down a wooden ladder. Labourers shifting sand in a line, with shovels and then buckets. Black man welding steel section. Factory. Sign 'Companhia Siderurgica National'. Black man explaining a factory machine. Nurses attending to the needs of a vast table of babies. 'To let' signs - suggesting segregation: 'European only' (also 'Finchley Road').

The commentator Brian redhead. Mao Tse-Tung shaking hands of Black and Asian delegates. Tractors on a forecourt. A crane lifts bales of hay onto a ship. Black labourers loading ????6. White man with underfed, black baby.

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