Film: 9009

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Road accidents and how to avoid them. Filmed in Ireland.

Close up of a roulette wheel with the ball rolling, on a gambling table. Chips are placed. Commentary - "This film is about road safety and the gamblers behind the driver's seat". Close-up of a clock on a bedside table and a couple asleep in bed. The alarm rings at 7.30am and the man turns it off and goes back to sleep. His wife lies next to him. Shots of his children asleep in their beds and the family dog (a collie) dozing on the floor. Clock reads 8.15am. The milkman walks past his car in the driveway and leaves pints of milk and eggs on the doorstep. Postman drops letters through the door, the dog barks and the family start to get out of bed. A faired haired baby cries in his cot. The children sit around a table in the kitchen eating breakfast and drinking glasses of milk. Michael, the father, leans against the counter drinking a cup of tea. He looks at the clock on top of the cooker and it's twenty to nine. He rubs his face, "he's still got to shave". His wife gives the baby a bottle. Michael applies shaving cream at the mirror in the bathroom which has very seventies flowery wall paper.
Another family household, a man uses an electric shaver at the bathroom mirror. He is Frank, "a pretty average sort of fellow". His wife and his two young girls sit at the breakfast table. She pours tea from a red teapot. Frank pats his face with aftershave. Michael is still shaving. Frank puts on a blue crash helmet and gets on a motorcycle outside his house. His wife stands at the door to wave him off.
"These two men do not know one another…but they are going to". Michael cuts himself shaving, this is interspersed with Frank coming off his bike.
Frank checks his mirror, revs his bike and drives off. Michael's wife and children get into his blue estate car and put on their seatbelts. Michael, in a suit, walks out with a piece of tissue paper stuck to his shaving cut. He takes it off and gets into the car. "With half an hour lost, it must be made up somehow". Close-up of the car as it reverses out of the drive. The children lurch forward as he brakes and turns around. He drives out and a car behind him toots his horn. He touches his cheek where the cut is. Close-up of the speedometer going from 50 miles per hour to 60mph. Frank riding his motorcycle, close-up of a speed limit sign which says 40, then the sign to indicate end of speed limit. Michael overtakes trucks going slowly. Cars pass a "Danger, Road Works" sign on a busy road. A milk float pulls up outside houses. Michael speeds around the corner and has to brake hard to miss the milk float. The milkman comes over to the car and they argue over who was in the wrong. Michael speeds off again, swerving to miss a man walking his bicycle. In the back of the car the children look nervous. Michael comes to a "Stop" sign and ignores it to go on to a roundabout. Oncoming cars beep at him. He turns onto a road after a bus. He overtakes the bus at a stop and narrowly misses an oncoming Esso truck. The worried children look at each other. Michael enters a 30 zone still speeding. A policeman (Garda) on a motorcycle follows him. Speedometer approaches 50mph. Frank indicates to move out and Michael knocks him off his mike. The children scream and passers by run to his aid. The policeman arrives on the scene. "What should you do to help?". A man warns passing traffic to keep clear, close-up of a hand ringing an ambulance. People stand around Frank lying on the road not attempting to move him. An ambulance arrives on the scene, the back doors read "Stillorgan Ambulance". Paramedics tend to Frank. The policeman takes Michael's details. The children lean out of the car window. Frank comes to on the road, the paramedics put him on to a stretcher and take him into the back of the ambulance. The policeman talks to Michael, behind them is a shop sign, "J. P. O'Sullivan". The policeman tells Frank's wife the news on her doorstep. Frank in a hospital bed with a bruised face, a nurse makes notes on a clipboard by his bedside. Close-ups of Michael looking upset and the faces of his children looking out of the car window.


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