Film: 9013

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Fire prevention and fire extinguishers and their different uses 1950's

Images of fire. A house is on fire. A man is trying to control a fire but he is using the wrong equipment. Then he tries a different one ( extinguisher ?) and he does it. A man is trying to stop a fire but he cannot as he is too near. A picture shows heat, fuel and oxygen. The picture is trying to explain what stops fire. Images of an oven. Fire cannot survive without air. There are different classes of fire - Class A paper, wood, cloth, exclusion, rubbish etc., where quenching and cooling effect of water is required. Class B burning liquids ( gasoline, oils, paints, cooking fats etc.) where smothering action is required. Class C - fires in live electrical equipment: motors, switches, appliances etc. ) where a non-conducting extinguishing agent is required. Images of Classes A,B and C fires. Men are stopping them with different products. A - water, soda and foam. B - Carbon dioxide, dry chemical, foam, vaporising liquid. C - Carbon dioxide, dry chemical vaporising liquid.

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