Film: 9015

Science | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Dr. Trevor Churchman, Director, Electricity Council Research Centre, talks to children at the Royal Institution of Great Britain about electricity 1970's

The eminent doctor sits surrounded by school girls and boys dressed in uniform. He asks the children about electricity. A little girl replies that you need it for your cooker. Another says it makes televisions work, gives off heat, lights. They are in a television recording studio. He moves down to the stage where he has a laboratory set up. He joins two wires together and a light goes on. Talks about current flowing through circuit, balloon stops current. Makes a sandcastle, how many grains of sand? Children try and guess: 90 million. Shot of a sandy beach. One km in length times 100 meters in width is marked out on sandy beach. Diagram of block. Children try and guess how many grains. A huge number is rolled out 3 thousand, million, million! That's how many grains are at end of copper wire. Electron microscope. Microphotography of platinum. Atoms are explained using rubber balls, marbles and 3D atomic sculptures. Animation of atom hydrogen. Positive nucleus and negative electrons explained with a swinging ball. Dr. Churchman gesticulates wildly. Close up of crystals on a rock. Close up of the profile of fascinated smiling child. Model of atom arrangements in metal. Audience shots, girls look bored. Children responding to questions. Boys looking bored. Drawing of Alice in Wonderland taking shrinking medicine which gets smaller on screen, looking at atomic structure. Diagrams of how solid structures are made with many different atoms. Girls in the audience who were looking bored, look pretty miserable. Fireman climb out of fire engine. Using water pressure to illustrate concepts of pressure. Children watch. Great 1970's fashions for kids. Close up of water valve on back of fire engine being turned on. Water dribbling out of hose. Close up of pressure meter. Close up of water pressure increasing. Close up of pressure meter. Close up of water coming out hose. Aerial shot of a tank filled with water. Different sized pipes; wider pipes have faster flow of water. The team with the biggest pipe have won the game which illustrates the flow of currency. Power cables that take electricity from power stations to National Grid, a good close up. Back at the school the outline of a light filament has been put on grass. The school children file into it; they represent electrons with blue 'e's on their head. Graphic reading charge is held up and all the electrons turn red and move. In narrow path of the filament, the electrons get overheated and overcharged as do the school children. Once through the narrow path, the electrons turn blue, close up of light bulb turned on. Measuring resistance in ohms. Back at school the experiments on the playing field continue. Close up of fire engine pressure valve. Good over shoulder shot of fireman pointing hose into trees. Good close up of toaster and toast popping. Resistant materials such as rubber and plastics. Great shot of pylons in a field of crops. Different types of pylons, including close up of parts of pylons. Human body as a conductor of electricity. Danger 132,000 volts comes up on screen. Dr Churchman lectures behind the desk gesticulating with a length of rubber piping. Good shot of transformers. Zoom into close up. Transformers on side blocks of flats. Statue of Michael Faraday holding Faraday's induction loop. Reconstruction by Dr. Churchman and his lovely assistant Wally. Close up of voltmeter reading zero, close up of voltmeter indicator swinging from side to side. Illustration of electromagnetic induction. Adding more loops to the iron bar sends the voltmeter needle crazy. Camera operators are always in shot. Audience shot of children looked bored. Telequipment, a machine that measures current, a picture of the wave pattern like an oscilliscope. Increases frequency and light goes on. Close up of Dr. Churchman talking. Shot of an industrial furnace. Radio frequency generator that lights up bulb. Water conducting electricity through a tea towel. Same girls looking impassive, camera zooms out. Depiction of outer space. Audience shots of children looking either enchanted or bored. Audience clap. Children crowd round desk at end.

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