Film: 9018

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates or UAE of the Middle East 1960's

sand dunes and the desert
Abu Dhabi town when it was a bedouin mud brick houses, aerial views of the town
Dhows and the fishermen
more scenes old old Abu Dhabi a women washing clothes on the shore line
Nomadic men with their camels and sharing a meal then the camels leave the oasis with a long camel train across the desert. Rituals of one party meeting another in the desert. Women and children of the nomads.
Sheik Syed meeting of the elders, music and women wildly tossing their hair. The men then dance with their rifles.
1949 expeditions by the oil prospectors. Divers examning the sea bed. Island of Dhat
1962 the first oil leaves Abu Dhabi. The Sheik says he is happy without western trappings. More views of bedoin life. The city bazaar, baking bread but still very much the old city of Abu Dhabi.
The sheik expressed the view that he didn't want life to change, but slowly. Shop signs in English and Arabic
1966 The old sheik dies and power passes to his brother Sheik Zayead, he is sitting in a chair
The old Harbour before development, off loading timber by hand. Cases of Heinz baked beans off loaded onto the beach along with Vim and Ovaltine.
The devolpment starts surveying and heavy equipment come in, the harbour is built. Apartments and Buildings are erected, scaffloding around half built houses. Office buildings with Phillips and BOAC and lots of banks Every citizens is built a house with a compound. A doctor writes a prescription, hospital
A school for boys and another for girls. The army
suggestion about a federation of the United Arab Emirates

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