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Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Bing Crosby's early films 1940's

American critic(?) sitting down, sings praises of Bing Crosby, his talents, his versatility, and that the following scenes will showcase this, and make him a contender for the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

Scene from "Billboard Girl"
Two males sitting on suitcases looking at the pretty woman on the billboard for Sweetheart Chocolates. The guy on the left, Bing (Bing Crosby), is wearing a poorboy cap and on the back of his shirt it says "Benson or bust". His friend Jerry, (Dick Stewart), is wearing a hat and on the back of his shirt it says "Me too".
Closeup of billboard says "Keep her cheery with Sweetheart Chocolates, Mary Malone, Benson College".
Bing is talking about the girl on the billboard, while his friend reminds him that they have to sell magazines or else they won't get to Benson College. Bing again reads aloud the letter he received from Mary asking him when he's going to visit her. Jerry is convinced Bing is going crazy, but Bing reminds him that they only have to sell 5 more subscriptions. Jerry stands up ready to go and pulls Bing's suitcase out from under him. Bing stays in seated position. He's daydreaming about meeting Mary.. Mary is on a set and calls Bing's name with outstretched arms. Bing goes to meet her and says her name. Mary asks him to kiss her. They kiss and afterwards she's dazed. Bing grabs the sandwich off the plate next to the armchair and starts eating it. Mary demands he kiss her again. After he finishes his bite, he kisses her again which leaves her dazed again. He continues to eat the sandwich. He asks her how did she know that he liked ham sandwiches.

Back to Jerry with his suitcase standing next to Bing, still in seated position, looking at the billboard. Jerry can't get through to Bing so he snaps his fingers in front of his face. Nothing. He decides to give him a kick in the butt which wakes Bing up and he falls to the ground.

Fade in Benson College, Port Office. Many people outside on etiher side of front entrance, waiting for mail to be called out. They are dressed in the preppy look. One man is holding a dog. Postmaster calls out "mail Malone" and a man, Freddie (Mary's brother) bounds up the stairs. Postmaster remarks that Mary will have a lot of fan mail when she gets back, to which Freddie replies that he opens and answers them for her. They all laugh. His friends want him to read the latest letter. He finds it and reads it while they all laugh.

Dog barking. Bing and Jerry toss their suitcases over a high fence to escape the dog going after them at the last house. They run towards their jalopy and jump in. Shot of "Outlook and independence" magazine(?) handing from Bing's pants. The driver side door says "Benson or bust" while the rear bumper says "The public enemy". They throw their suitcases into the car and Jerry starts the motor by starting the giant propeller in the back of the car. Once started, Jerry hops into the car and they take off.

Now cruising down the road, Jerry and Bing sing "We're on our way to Bensonhurst" (to the tune of "Pop goes the weasel"). A hanging sign says "Bensonhurst, welcome". Bing and Jerry's car pass under it. Their car passes two well dressed young women on the corner. The fan on their car almost blows up their skirts. Mary comes out of a "Sweetheart Chocolates" shop to the sidewalk. She sees her boyfriend, Whitney, in his car coming down the street and waves to him. He waves back. Bing and Jerry are actually in front of Whitney's car and when they see her waving, they think she's waving at them. They pull off to the side in front of her, Bing jumps out to talk to her, and then kisses her. Whitney and Mr. Malone (Mary's father) come out of their car and see Bing kissing Mary. Whitney punches Bing and he lands under the "Sweetheart Chocolates" sandwich board. Jerry tries to talk to Whitney but he intimidates him so he goes over to help Bing. Whitney takes Mary's arm. Bing stands up inadvertantly putting on the sandwich board. Jerry tries to talk to him but he's still recovering. An older couple passing by pause to watch what's going on.
Bing staggers down the street while others stop and stare, while Jerry tries to talk to him. Bing eventually says "kiss me again sweetheart" which everyone laughs at.

Group of young preppy men sitting together smoking and singing. Jerry appears in the window high above them and dumps water on them to be quiet. Angry sounds from below. Bing is on the phone to Mary, but actually it's Freddie pretending to be her, and all his friends are listening in and laughing. Jerry rubs an ice cube on Bing's forehead. Bing wants to meet up and Freddie tells him to come to their garden. Bing is so excited, he puts on his hat, grabs flowers out of vase, and almost leaves without his pants. Jerry points out that he has no pants, and helps Bing put them on.

Freddie's friends are helping Freddie get into a dress and corset so he can meet Bing. One of his friends is sitting behind him with his shoe on Freddie's back as an anchor, trying to tighten the corset. Closeup on shoe print on the corset before the dress goes over.

Shot of steam whistle from Bing's car going off three times. Freddie and his friends realize he's here and hurriedly finish dressing. Freddie puts on a wig and his friend holds up a mirror for him. He then puts a shawl over Freddie while another friend sprays him with perfume, then everyone takes off.

Bing comes through a wooden door to a garden - he's looking around for Mary. Freddie and his friends are hiding in the bushes. His friends quickly hide as Bing is behind them. Mary (aka Freddie) calls Bing over. As Bing is talking to Freddie, Whitney enters the garden. He sneaks past them as Bing tries to kiss Freddie. Freddie's friends are in the bushes laughing. Freddie tries to evade Bing and all of a sudden Whitney finds them. Whitney doesn't realize it's Freddie, and when Freddie realizes Whitney is there, he runs away. Bing starts to go after Freddie but Whitney trips him. They start fighting. Freddie tells his friends that it's no use continuing because Whitney's there. One of his friends gives him a croquet mallet to use. He heads back to where Bing and Whitney are and as Bing pushes him away, Freddie hits Whitney. Whitney falls to the ground, and Bing, not having seen Freddie hit Whitney, thinks he knocked him out and is pleased with himself. Freddie comes back to inspect Whitney while Bing straightens himself up. He leads Freddie away while his friends come out of hiding to watch them. Freddie talks to Bing while partially hiding his face with his handkerchief. He sneezes and makes an excuse to straighten his garter. As Bing turns away, Freddie takes a second to hike it up, while his friends laugh uncontrollably in the bushes. They hear a loud yell (Whitney?) Bing covers Freddie up with his shawl afraid she's going to catch cold.

Whitney eventually comes to, rubs his head in pain. Real Mary shows up, Whitney accuses Mary of lying, stumbles backwards and steps on a rake which hits him on the head again. He storms away.

Close up of an old radio playing music. Bing is pushing Freddie on a swing while singing a song ("Were You Sincere"). Real Mary is happily watching from afar. Bing continues singing and Freddie is enjoying himself. Mary realizes it's Freddie. Freddie is talking to Bing, Mary is looking and nodding. Bing picks Freddie up off the swing and carries him to a nearby bench. His friends are still laughing, but one of them laughs too loudly so another friend puts his head underwater in the pond.
Bing wants a kiss. When Freddie hears this, he panics, struggles, then runs away. Bing follows. Freddie runs past Mary who grabs his shawl and puts it on. Freddie runs into the bushes. Bing finds Mary and starts kissing her. She gets weak kneed and crumbles to the ground. Bing is sitting with Mary on the ground, they kiss again. Freddie runs into Whitney and struggles to get away. Whitney calls for Mr. Malone, but then Freddie punches Whitney and runs away. Mr. Malone appears and talks to Whitney. Bing carries Mary and puts her on the swing while he sings ("For You"). Afterwards he snuggles in close and kisses her cheek which Mary happily enjoys. Mr. Malone is still talking to Whitney. Whitney and Mr. Malone take off in Bing's direction. Bing pushes Mary on the swing as Mr. Malone and Whitney confront Bing. When Mary swings back, she hits Bing who falls into the pond behind him. Mary runs over and she, her father, and Whitney have an argument about who she will marry. He grabs her by the wrist, pulls her away and vows to lock her in her room, Whitney following. Bing is still in the pond. He realises that there's something moving in his shirt. He reaches in and pulls out a frog, then drops him back into the water.

Title card: Dawn
Bing sitting at bottom of long ladder leading from Mary's room. Bing's waiting for rooster to crow, but since he won't, he makes the sound himself. There's a scream and inside the house, her father and Whitney run down the stairs, as Mary with a suitcase, runs out the door. Their old car is running and waiting. Mary sounds the whistle and Bing jumps out from the bushes and jumps into the car. They take off before Whitney and her Dad stop them. Whitney and Mr. Malone immediately chase them. Whitney's car almost gets taken out after something lands on their windshield. They recover and continue chase. Both end up in the river, but Bing's car's giant fan blows water onto Whitney and Mr. Malone. It's revealed that it's Jerry and Freddie dressed as Mary. They escape.

Back at the Malone house at 5am, Mr. Malone tells Whitney he's notified the police. They hear music coming from Mary's room. They see a "Please do not disturb, Certificate of Marriage" stuck on her door. Jerry and Freddie created a diversion so Bing and Mary could marry. Through the keyhole they see Bing and Mary sitting together while Bing sings "For You" again. They kiss and the rooster crows.

"The End"
dog barks

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