Film: 9023

Social History | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Dulwich Common. South London. Amateur home movie. Nice weddings and school sports 1960's

Two women and a man in morning suit walk out of a building. The building is a terraced one and possibly a hotel as the front yard has small table and chairs set out. A man and a woman sit at one set. The two women are a young woman in white - shoes, dress, gloves and hat with pink ribbon and pink and white floral handbag. The other wears a navy hat, blue and green floral dress. They walk a short way down the pavement to a black car. The man in morning suit opens the passenger door. He also wears a top hat. He takes off his top hat and gestures for the women to get into the car. They move to do so. From another angle we see the man open the door and the two women get in. View of the two women speaking. View of woman in white shoes which also have a floral pattern. A house with a Rolls Royce in the drive way with wedding ribbons on the bonnet. Walking up the drive way is a blonde woman in a pale turquoise with turquoise gloves and hat and a very large yellow corsage. Behind her is a dark haired woman in blue patterned dress, grey hat and gloves. The woman in white follows with an unseen (except top of hat) woman and a man with a centre parting. In the doorway of the house stand a girl in a pale blue dress and the women in blue and green. They walk up the driveway. Close-up of turquoise woman, followed by grey hat woman, the top of the hat belongs to a woman wearing butterfly framed glasses, royal blue dress and huge pink corsage. Man in morning suit and white woman. View of woman in blue and green walking up the driveway. They are all in the wedding cars and the man in top hat acknowledges the camera as the chauffeur encourages him to get into the car. The road they are parked in is an unmade one. Top hat man gets into car. Another chauffeur walks towards the camera. View of the house. An older man stands in the doorway waving. A child and woman stand in the front garden, partially hidden by lupus in full flower. People including all those presumably mentioned are congregated outside a grey stone building. They talk in groups. A woman in cream dress with sweetheart redline and floral dress walks through the gates. Behind her is a man and a woman. View of other people arriving including close-up of man with buttonhole. The bridesmaids are on the pavement. Behind them are the wedding cars and a red double decker bus. An usher also stands in the background. The bridesmaids wear pink, of the shoulder dresses with pink lace around them. A pink rose in the hair of the older bridesmaids whilst the younger has an Alice band of pink rose buds. They all carry posies of yellow roses. There are five bridesmaids in total and they walk into the church yard. A wedding Rolls Royce pulls up. The father - in morning suit and top hat gets out and greets the camera man. He then turns to help the bride out of the car. He takes her bouquet and she alights from the car. Her dress is white with a veil and she wears a double row of pearls. She stands at the entrance to the church grounds with her father next to her. The veil is elbows length. The dress appears to be lacy (net curtain) with a fairly full skirt, short sleeves on and off the shoulder neckline. Her bouquet is a long bouquet of peach and orange roses. She finishes adjusting the veil, moves her bouquet to her left hand and takes her father 's arm. They enter the churchyard where guests are still waiting. Close-up of bride and her father with the bridesmaids in the background. The ride has short blonde hair and wears a small tiara in silver with hearts in the design. View of bridesmaids. The backs of the bridesmaids as they do something. Close-up of bride speaking. She has a glass in her hand. Now appears to be after the ceremony. Outside of reception location, guests talk and take photographs. Close-up of father of bride speaking with two women. View of the bride, now in a blue suit running to a car followed by a man (presumably her husband). Guests waving them off. View of the car driving off.

The view now switches to earlier in the day where a man is handing out buttonholes to people as they arrive at the church. This is a different wedding. Two teenage bridesmaids in yellow tulle dresses and posies get out of a car. They have small circlets of flowers on their heads. As they walk up the path to the church they are photographed. Views of a wedding car. A bride in a lavender dress, white veil and cream rose bouquet with her groom. Close-up of the couple. View of guests at a wedding. One woman has even brought her dog. The photographer is trying to group all the guests n the church steps. The bridesmaids in yellow skirts with the lavender bride, groom and best man as the photographer poses them. View of lavender bride and groom walking down the church path followed by the bridesmaids and the guests. The bride and groom get into a car. View of car driving off. View of the top floor balcony on a block of flats. There are people waving. The camera travels down the block of flats to the ground where the two yellow bridesmaids play with other children. The lavender bride, in a navy dress gets into a white car. She speaks to a women (her sister?). They hug and kiss. The groom gets into the drivers seat of the Hillman and they drive off. View of the car driving off with cans attached to the rear bumper. View of people waving as they go back into the flats.

A wedding car pulls up. A father gets out followed by the bride who wears a white, long sleeved, high necked gown and veil. Close-up of bride. View of bride and father having their photograph taken on the church steps. View of church (and of the traffic going past the camera). View of the bride and groom coming out of the church followed y one bridesmaid and the parents. Close-up of bride and groom. Guests leaving the church. Guests standing outside the church. The photographer and his camera on a tripod. View of bridesmaid in white with baby blue sash and hair ornament. She stands next to the bride. Close-up of a guest speaking. A man smiling and laughing. Other guests. The bride speaking to the groom as they get in the car. The car driving away. At home the groom shakes peoples hands as there are more photographs taken. Close-up of bride's bouquet. Bride. Groom.

The sign for Church of Peter. At Dulwich Common, Dulwich, South East London. View of the church from Lordship lane. View of clock face. People getting out of cars and walking to the church. Buttonholes are handed out. The vicar runs up the church steps. Guests wait on the pavement as a double decker bus goes past. The wedding car pulls up. The chauffeur opens the door. Two bridesmaids dressed in yellow get out. Church clock face. Another wedding car pulls up. The lavender ride gets out and walks up the path. Her dress is knee length with a full skirt. The bride with her veil down and her father. Close-up of bride. An extremely close view of the bride signing the register. View of lavender bride and groom coming out of the church followed by the yellow bridesmaids and then parents and guests. Photographer poses bride and groom. Guests walk in front of couple. Photographer takes pictures. Close-up of couple with photographer arranging her veil. View of guests. Bride, groom, bridesmaids, best man and usher. Guests. View of bride etc. as before. Close-up of bride sticking her tongue out. Traditional photo pose of parents, bridesmaids, best man, bride and groom. Guests. Whole groups photograph. Close-up of front row. Bride and groom walk down church path - again the bride sticks her tongue out at the camera man. The bridesmaids follow and then the guests. Bride and groom by car. Close-up of bride. She waves and gets into the car. View of the car as it pulls away. Close-up of wedding car. A badly lit scene of lavender bride and groom with their wedding cake. Close-up of them cutting the cake.

Back to the top floor of the block of flats and people waving. Guests including the bridesmaids throw rice at the couple now dressed in their going away outfits. Couple as they get into the car. Close-up of the cars attached to the bumper. The car drives away. View of people and children on balcony in block of flats.

A school building somewhere in London with iron gates (open) and a gravel drive leading to the entrance. A red double decker bus goes past obscuring the view. View of building. A woman in red walks towards the gates as a car drives down the driveway. Front of building with two cars parked outside. At the entrance the building there is a small roundabout created by a piece of grass surrounding a flagpole. A car arrives and parks. A group of three girls in a grey school uniform walk past. A larger group of children - boys and girls - walk towards the camera. The boys wear grey shorts and blazers. They are escorted by a person wearing a white lab coat. Close-up of some of the children. Some of the boys wear caps. They also wear a black or brown and yellow tie striped in horizontal bars. Some of the girls wear checked skirts. A group of boys and girls walk past the camera carrying small suitcases. More children - some of the girls wear berets. Children stream towards the gates. Among them are some adults (parents or teachers?). More children walk past carrying a folder and wearing a bow tie. View of plaque, commemorating former pupils who died in the Second World War. A rectangular pond. A fountain. School building. The outdoor school swimming pool. School building. Windows are open. Close-up of door to building. A laburnum tree in full flower. School buildings. The hard tennis courts. School building and lawn. An older school building possible 1920's. Close-up of windows. Sports day. The race track is mashed. Parents are seated on wooden chairs. Behind them are marquees. Some children are in uniform and others in PE kit. Children in their PE kit. Running race. Close-up of man in brown jacket. Man in blue jacket and glasses. The vicar. A woman with long black hair in a neck plait. A girl holding the rope at the finishing line. Boys in a running race. The table with the trophies on. Close-up of trophies. The blackboard detailing the points of each team or house. A race starting. A group of parents. Girls lined up on the starting line. Teachers and visiting dignitaries sitting. Two confer. Close-up of those sitting. The start of the race for girls. Girls running. Two men sit talking. Close-up, panning of parents watching the races. View of spectators. A race starts falsely. The teacher stalls them again. Boys run past the spectators. One holds his side. Close-up of blonde boy in running kit. Close-up of cake commemorating The Tug O'War 1962. The blackboard with revised scores. A man with black rimmed glasses. Another race, some boys lie on the grass next to the track. This is the relay race. The runners exchange batons. View of the last runners coming towards the finish line. The end of the three legged race. Children who were participating lie on the grass and untie the ropes. An obstacle race. Boys crawl under a net. They climb into sacks and start hopping maniacally. They fall over at the end. Boys throwing balls into buckets, climbing through hoops, undo the net, into the sacks. The next heat of the obstacle course. One end of the tug of war. Boots stamping the grass. The other end of the tug of war. Parents watching. The Tug O'War cake. The trophy table with the cake. People making speeches and presenting prizes. The visiting women who presented the prizes with bouquets of flowers. The man in the gold chain of office giving a speech. Close-up of a man speaking. A man takes photographs. Scenes of people at a fete.

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