Film: 9038

Feature Drama | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Close-up of horses feet. Men and horses going out of the stable. Flock of horses galloping in Argentine field. Locals in enclosure surrounded by horses. Locals eating around grills, sit on the ground. Some of them stand to pick up meat from the grill. Knight tries to tame a wild horse, that's the main activity of this traditional celebration. A dog barks around the horse. Two old men and child between leant against the fence watching the scene. People laugh at a mute clapping. Best trainer is going to have a go with one of the wildest horses. After a few seconds, he falls off the horse. People's faces disappointed. Knight catch up the horse, the mute is proposing himself to have ago. Everybody's laughing. Close-up of mute's face smoking. Close-up of his feet and spur. Close-up of Josinto's face staring at the spurs sharp-less. [Josinto is an Argentine child, protagonist of the story].

Sunset in the background and carriole passing between two rows of trees (sideways view of carriole). Back of carriole moving with Josinto steering and the mute badly sit down at the back of it. As if he was going to fall of the carriole. Close-up of a mute's face staring at the camera in a dull way. Josinto stop the carriole and say something to the mute. They both get off it running. A man holds the horse, the action takes place in a farm. Close-up of a man's face being painted. Two long scars on his cheek. The man is tied down surrounded by other farmers (stable entrance). Mute and Josinto come to them. Farmer's boss face. Two farmers lift the painted man to put him away form the wild horse. Josinto's face, then close-up of sharp spurs used by traditional breeder. Breeder's face angry with Josinto, breeders go away from the stable. Three farmers argue. Mute's feet exceeding of kind of closed well. Josinto comes to the mute and wake him up. Closer view of the scene of the same three farmers arguing. Mute interrupt them. They all go to the wild horse's stable, then farmers lock the mute in with the wild horse. They laugh at him. Mute artist taking hay out of the stable and ask for some fresh. The three men throw some hay to the mute. Another breeder arrives and ask them to stop. He is about to kill the horse.

Josinto running through the farm. Old woman's face. Josinto's face. Josinto running in outdoor corridor, then house, then stairs, he stops in front of the boss's door and keeps moving its handle. Boss opens the door and listens to the child. Another man is in the room, they are all sat down at a round table discussing the matter. Josinto puts his beret on.

Traditional kitchen with woman working nest to the fireplace lighted. Josinto comes in. The old woman is moving all over the kitchen while she is talking to Josinto. Mute hands touching some hot food. The woman slaps his hand with a wooden spoon. Close-up of Josinto's face smiling. Old woman removing pieces of chicken with wooden spoon. Josinto picks up a piece discretely to give it to the mute.

Mute and horse feet walking synchronically in a circus. View of the whole circus. Audience in the foreground and mute and horse in the background. Best breeder's face amazed by the scene. Mute sit on the horse's back forcing the animal to lift front paws. Then horse comes back on its four paws and mute gets off clapped by audience. Two clowns pretend to fight. Mute shaking hands with breeder and watching the show. Best breeder tells the mute to go away with his hand.

Close-up of one of the clown's face having his hand on his mouth. One down, he sits on a chair and the other puts his feet on his lap and stands up. He has a pliers and try to catch something in the other one's mouth. It turns out to be a dentist and his patient who has a pain in his jaws. The stood up clown tries to snatch a tooth from the other clown's mouth. To make the scene more believable, the 'patient' holds a large handkerchief around his bottom head. In the end, the 'dentist' takes out a huge tooth. In the background the audience laughs and claps. Mute staring with fascination at the clown's feet and show them to the breeder. Close-up of the clown's black boots and spurs; he is not dressed up anymore. Breeder and clown talking to each other. Clown's feet walking on the stage sand.

Cards on table with people all around. Mr. Sanchez (breeder) and clown play together. Mute goes behind the clown in order to enable Sanchez to cheat by miming what are the clown's cards. They both put their cards on the table and Sanchez wins. To pay, the clown gives his special spurs. The clown stand up and rubs his high black hat against his sleeve and then leaves. Mute takes the spurs, then back to the kitchen where the old lady finishes to tell the Mute story to Josinto.

Close-up of mute's hand putting back a make-up paintbrush and picking up some kind of red cream. Mute making himself up in front of a mirror. Close-up of his profile's face with his other profile reflected in the mirror. View of a private property, house and park, Josinto is walking in the park. Josinto comes in mute's room where he is sleeping in a rickshaw next to the fireplace lighted. Mirror, and candles lighted. Clown in black hidden watching Josinto. We see him through a mirror as well as Josinto creeping towards the mute not to wake him up. Josinto's hands stealing silently the mute's spurs. Clown's face through a mirror watching the scene. Josinto's face suddenly made up, candle and mute's face through the mirror. Josinto leaves the room the same way as he came.

View of countryside with fog (Pampas, Argentine region). Camera looking up to leafless trees from a carriole in motion. Camera grazing the ground full of autumn leaves, as though it was a horse's eyes. Josinto's feet dancing. His face made up in grey, horse's feet, horse's head. Close-up of horse's hoofs trotting. Josinto on horse's back stroking it. Camera looking up to them. Trees upside down (river's reflection). Profile of Josinto and horse galloping at a slower pace.

Old woman in kitchen carrying a coffee grinder. She hears a noise, put the grinder down on the table, open the door and see Josinto riding early in the morning. Josinto open the mute's door to put the spurs back. Josinto looks through the new mute's spurs with confusion. He compares the old ones to the new ones. Mute's face waking up. Mute outside opening an enclosure's gate to let the horse get in. Flock of horses trotting. Mr. Sanchez takes his knife off its case to remind everybody what would happen if the wild horse is still untameable. Mute lying down with his feet up tangled in a rope, farmer's face laughing. Josinto helps the mute to stand up by pulling his hand from a horse. Josinto dances surrounded by breeders. A man is playing the guitar in the background. Close-up of Josinto's boots. Josinto's spurs producing a strange music, the guitarist stop playing, that puzzles everybody, then Mr. Sanchez says something and the all laugh. They suddenly stop because of a noise coming from outside. Then Josinto start dancing again. Mr. Sanchez smokes a particular pipe (probably Argentine) made of wood and metal. Josinto sleeps (background, oil lamp and spurs (foreground).

Mute's hand takes the spurs in Josinto's sleep, Josinto's bedroom with him lying down on his bed. Then he wakes up and state that his spurs have vanished, he leans out of his window, spurs on mute's feet shining. Mute's face waking up.

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