Film: 9043

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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1960s overview of the history of Germany

Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate), a part of East Berlin in front a border fence, a East German guard is watching through the Berlin Wall into the West Berlin, two soldiers are sitting on a bank and talking, two soldiers behind the wall are watching the camera, one man in a bunker with binoculars.
A family behind the barbed wire watching out the window of the house, the borderline with fences is shown, a memorial plate is shown:"Einem unbekannten Fluechtling 8.10.1962"-"A Unknown Escapee", a East German watchtower with guardians, barbed-wire shown, a old lady is watching out of the window, the Berlin wall is shown, a headstone with flowers and a German flag,
After the title, the statue of an old German Kaiser (Karl der Grosse, Charlemagne-the Imperior of the Frankish Kingdom) A statue of his son Louis (843)
A church, the camera goes into an open gate, different German Kaiser (one of them Louis the German), other Emperors shown, statues of them in churches,
Braunschweig and the stone-lion (the symbol of an other German Kaiser), a medieval church, different statues of some German church reformers, at least Martin Luther, he has a bible in his hand, a gun is shown as a symbol of the "Thirty years War" in Germany (1618-1648), other guns on the top of medieval towers, a castle on a top of an hill is shown, a front of the castle with the gate, the tall stone wall and the watchtower, a wood in the background a castle, the silhouette of Coburg with the church and castles (Coburg is where Martin Luther prayed), a wall of skull and cross bones in a crypt of a church, more bones and skull and crossbones, the castle of Hohenzollern (a German Family), on the top of a hill, the castle is situated in the near of the River Neckar.
A rock with trees shown, in front fields, in the rock was built a castle, parts of these castle shown, a tunnel, slit type windows in the wall, a view from the castle over the country, a view from the castle to the tall stone wall and over the ruins of an other castle.
The castle of Ludwig II. in South Germany at Neuschwanstein, parts of this castle shown, a cat on the castle wall, the courtyard of the castle, the lake shown in which the king was found dead, a statue of Otto von Bismarck who brought about the unification of Germany in 1871, the statue of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II on a horse, Germania as a statue with an sword and a crown, a memorial plate (Zum Andenken an die einmuethige siegreiche Erhebung des Deutschen Volkes und an die Wiederaufrichtung des Deutschen Reiches 1870-1871 - For the thanks and memorial of the victorious fight of the German people and the Reunification of the German Reich 1870-1871), the same memorial shows German soldiers, in front Bismarck on a horse, Germania as statue, a plastic of German soldiers with guns marching, a statue of a mother with her son going in the war, another soldier on his knees a sword in his hand, a memorial plate for dead German soldiers, stonecrosses on a cemetery, other headstones, headstone of a French woman and a Jewish man, a headstone in the background the sunset, a big cross on the field, a memorial for the Holocaust, a memorial for the victims of the concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen.

The German Reichstag in Berlin, destroyed houses and ruins, cars are driving in front of the ruins, the camera moves to new buildings and towerblocks, an overview of an city with houses, streets and a bridge, a street junction with cars, trams driving in the street, in front a watchtower for the traffic, tall office buildings, a female statue, other tall buildings skyscrapers, an advertisment for coffee, a female sculpture, more houses, a hotel, in front of the hotel a tree and flowers, inside of a museum, paintings on the wall and sculptures, walking in the museum, a football match, a player is kicking the ball, the match is shown, cheering people, houses, children, girls are playing, a cat on the street, paintings on the wall, a courtyard between houses, a woman is walking, dogs are playing, a man is waiting on a corner, a couple, a man is cleaning the street, old lady, an other old lady waiting on the street, dirty houses with clothes on the window, new clothes in a advertisment box (glass), women are watching in a shop, people in the street, in a street-cafe, a woman is smoking, a sea-lion in a pool, people are watching this, sea lion in the water and watching the people, children with candles on a cemetery, they put the candles on graves, an old lady on a cemetery, Jesus Christ on the cross, a religious parade, people are carrying Jesus on the cross, the market-place with pastors and chorus, a religious ceremony in front of the Jesus cross, a guard, the pastor, boys of the chorus, flags of the church, a view from the church-tower over the city, a view of Munich Munchen , with the Frauenkirche and the tram on the street, flags shown ( Germany, Bavaria ) , a stone eagle on a wall, a government building in Hamburg ( Senat ) , the camera is driving on a boat and is showing government buildings in Bonn, the medieval centre in Bonn, buses, trams and people on the street, a market in Bonn , people in the market on a fruit stand, police-men in the market, West German soldiers, a military car, tanks, in the wood, a river over this the rising sun, the statue of Bismarck, the stone lion, stone figures on a church, Charlesmagne

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