Film: 9044

History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Spain and Spanish Civil War in the 1930's, evoking particularly the world of Lorca. Mainly wonderful general views of idyllic Andalusia, especially Granada.

The dark forest of Spain, village boys play with a captured bird. A pan across bomber out buildings. A crowds of civilians raised their hands in Nazi salute in support of Franco's Nationalists. A parade of Nationalists soldiers march past. As the crowds cheer. Street fighting. Granada and Andalusia, Village life, boys drink from village fountain, Peasants ploughing the fields. Idyllic farming scenes, bringing in the harvest, white village houses, Young men working on the land. The Granada region, olive groves, house called Huerta de los Jazmines Panorama of Granada. Washing hanging from the line in the streets. Women wash clothes. Children in the streets, and a blacksmith at work. Donkeys carry heavy loads. A mother and children sew while sitting on a step. More streets, balconies with geraniums overflowing. Red roof tops, church porches, The gardens of the Alhambra Palace. The fountains, flower gardens, arched walks, From the city walls looking down on the town, Seville, the busy street, shoe shine boys, trams, shopping, fountains, The other side of life and the poor people of Andalusia, poverty, women and children in rags, and derelict houses, Still portrait of Lorca. A car speeds through the streets, A women on her knees over the body of a man who has been shot, executed probably a Republican. She weeps, cries and mourns over the body. A group of women mourn over a wrapped corpse. Market gardeners work.

Another still of Lorca standing in front of a poster for " Teatro Universitaric La Barraca." Stills from his plays. Street market, man and woman huddled in a shop doorway. Shop window of a electrical domestic appliance shop. Another still of Lorca. Crowds for a bull fight. The fight and kill.

Later but B/w reconstruction of Lorca taken away to execution.

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