Film: 9053

War + Military | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Military officials (Marine, Army and Aviation) from all around the world meet in a Portuguese base 1950's

Military base. Physical exercises are performed to an audience of Military officers.

Exterior train station:
Shot of building and pan up to flag.

Interior train station: sign in Portuguese "Arrival 17:55 Sud-Express PARIS". People waiting in the platform. Train approaching. Close up of clock 17:57. Military officials and civilians greeting an talking to other military officials that arrived in the train. Military officials and civilians leaving the platform with suitcases.

Exterior train station:
Military officials and civilians leaving the station. Getting into cars. Several cars leaving. Cars passing by trough the city. Cars passing by bridge. Cars passing by countryside area.

Exterior Military base:
Huge, nice building. Soldier with rifle guarding. Military official and a civilian saluting and entering the building. Several follow including a woman with sunglasses. Band with drums marching. Audience (military officials, civilians, soldiers with rifles). Soldiers marching. Audience, as before, but now you can clearly identify a high ranking Marine officer and a high ranking Army officer. Soldiers marching away from camera. Military officials gathering. The high ranking Marine officer (smoking) and the high ranking Army officer walking towards camera. Lots other officials with different uniforms follow. Several shots of Military officials and civilians gathering around the main square (flags). Soldiers with rifles. Photographer taking pictures. All of them saluting the flags. Three flags waving (one of them is a Lebanese flag). Close up of flags waving: Turkish flag. Swedish or Danish flag. Flag from Iraq. Flag with three horizontal lines. Norwegian flag. Flag with three horizontal lines. Lebanese flag. Exterior building. French? Flag. Greek flag. French flag? USA flag. Flag with three horizontal lines (middle one wider than the other two). Kingdom of Egypt flag (1922-1953). French flag?

Exterior building with flag (unidentified). Soldier with rifles marching. Band with drums marching in the streets, lots of people and kids watching, a bus in the background. Military officials saluting. Soldier with rifles marching. Closer shot of Soldier with rifles marching, bus in the background. Pan from the Military officials gathered around the square to flags.
Military dressed with sports gear being organized by their leaders. One of the sweat shirts reads "SVERIG" (Sweden) and others "FORZAS AEREAS" (Air Forces). Soldiers with rifles guarding the Base. A military official salutes four leaders and goes into the Base. The Kingdom of Egypt flag hanging from the Base main window. Everybody walking towards the sport field. Wide shot of the Military Base with the square (flags) and people walking.

Sport Field:
Everyone arriving.
Group of men in white sports gear ( T-shirt without sleeves and shorts) warming up. Exercising with big logs. Running with logs between their legs. Jumping over logs. Close up of feet. Some of the men falling. Climbing up ropes.
Group with dark sweat shirts running towards camera. Abdominal exercises. Exercise in pairs using force. Crunches. Exercising in pairs going up and down. Climbing up a log. Jumping over a stool. Trying to get kittles into a container. Exercising with lances. Bending exercises. Abdominal exercises. Throwing balls to each other. Several shots of somersaults.

Norwegian flag pan down to sports field. Group with dark sweat shirts FORZAS AEREAS (Air Forces) sitting around their leader. Leader explains a position (bending the knees pretending to a have a rifle in his hand), somersaults. The group works in pairs, one brings the other one down to the ground. Leader explaining again the position (bending the knees pretending to a have a rifle in his hand), somersaults. The group follows. Demonstration, working in pairs, one carries the other and they fight against other two in the same position, they all fall down. Several shots of the whole group doing the same thing.
Group dressed with shorts fighting each other. Audience watching. Group running. Group walking. Audience clapping. Official talks to the audience.
Officers talking. Pan from field to audience. Officers watching.
Group dressed with shorts walking and running. Alignment. Running. Walking fast. Crawling. Walking fast but backwards. Crawling. Hitting target (cans) with small balls. Exercising in pairs one carrying the other, running. Several shots of group pulling with a rope a man sitting in a tyre. Audience in tribunes.
Two men dressed in camouflage gear exercising with rifle on the ground. Several shots of Judo kind exercises. Exercising with rifle.
Circuit: Men jumping to a big log and sliding down, crawling in the ground and jumping obstacles.
Group reading instructions. Leader checking the time. Running.
Battle exercises: several good shots of soldiers with rifles and helmets crawling, jumping obstacles, climbing, sliding. Audience in tribune.
Soldiers jumping into the back of a military truck. Soldiers jumping down from truck. Instructor correcting them. Soldiers jumping down of a truck in movement and laying down on the ground. Same as before but with rifles. Audience in tribune watching. Soldiers with rifles jumping up the truck in movement. Audience clapping.
Black car arriving. An elegant man dressed in a black suit and hat comes down. He walks towards the officers and shake hands with them. They all gather around him.
Man in black sitting in the tribunes watching.
Several shots of group with shorts doing somersault and several shots of the tribune. Audience clapping.


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