Film: 9054

Music | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Classical, jazz and popular music in America in the 1940's.

A symphony on stage, the conductor conducts the orchestra. The pianist plays vigorously as the condutor waves the baton behind him. The audience in their seats watch the stage ( could be movie audience watching the screen). Looking over the shoulder of the pianist as he pound s away on the keys. The entire stage of the concert hall, a large American flag hangs at the back of the stage. A young girl saws at the cello, she looks up. A school band teacher conducts the band. A group of children play the clarinet, another boy accompanies them on the piano. Recorder players? The exterior of a school , children swarm all over the bike stands. Dozens of children ride their rides towards us, leaving school. Two girls enter a record store. The music store is packed with children, a man in army uniform steps up to counter to ask a question. Four girls crowded around a record player bop to the music. The two girls stand behind the record player, one tapping her fingers on the cover and the other wrinking her nose at one of the suggestions another friend makes to her. A busy city street in New York? 'Irving Berlin, INC.'. 'Remick Music Corporation, Music Publishers, M. Witmark & Sons.' 'Robbins Music Corporation' in bright lights. 'Harms Inc. Music publishers, Advanced Music Corporation.' on a door. Harry Brothers, another music corporation, the exterior of their office. Men around a table with lots of papers strewn on it. A man in a hat plays the piano while another man reads music in her hands at his shoulder. A man writes music at the table. A hand writes out Swing It Baby. A man watches over a printing press that flips over sheet music. The music for Swing that thing is printed out. A man, looks like a manager or president is handed a sheet of music by a man standing at his shoulder. The sheet of music, 'Now'. A man at a desk listens as another man plays the piano, the guy at the piano turns and talks to the guy at the desk. The guy at the desk grimaces and shakes his head. The guy at the piano protests, and sings abit more of the song. The two men talk. A man sits at a grand piano, two men stadns behind him and behind themthe parts of a drum set. One of the men who looks like Perry Como leans over the pianists shoulder and points to something on the sheet music. A thumb holds the sheet music for 'Now'. The twom en lok at the sheet music. 'Stand By On the Air Light. The pianist at the grand piano and the band behind him play music. The singer at a CBS Radio microphone, he sings. An audience in their seats claps wildly. The lighted top floor windows of a dance hall. Pairs of young people dance to a band, the girls in long straight dressed, the boys in white dinner jackets and black trousers. The JM band pays as couples dance by the band stand. The three saxophonists puff away on their horns. CBS Radio theatre No 3, Stage entrance' sign. A group of signers on the stage floor backed by an orchestra. In the newspaper. '10 Best Sheet Selleres'. A woman in a Spanish style lace dress sings into a microphone, and accordion player plays beside her.

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