Film: 9056

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Washington DC USA 1950's

Soundtrack of awful songs which have to be heard to be believed..!
Aerial view of Washington City. Aerial view of highway system busy with cars. View of road with large building at far end and cars going past. View of another building. View of cars parked by pavement as people get out of them. A man wearing an overcoat, sunglasses and square hat walks out of a columned building towards a car whose door is being opened by a man in suit and peaked cap. The man in sunglasses gets into the car. View of the back of a man carrying suitcase in each land walking towards a parked car. He opens the car door and prepares to get in it. View of airport building. Passengers walk down the steps of an aeroplane. View of bridge over a river. Aerial view of city. A large monument shaped like an obelisk. Aerial view of Potomac River and cars passing over the bridge. The Robert E. Lee Mansion at Arlington Cemetery where a flag flies at half mast. Close-up of Robert E. Lee Mansion. View of Pierre La Tont's tomb - engineer who planned Washington city. View of building in style of Greek architecture. Close-up of roof above the pillars of a building - ornately carved. View of another Greek style building. Aerial view of city. View of a large public building. View of side of Department of the Interior. The doorway of another public building with a carving of an eagle above the door. Another public building. And another with a carved lion outside. To the right of the lion is a sign carved 'Visionaries and Dreamers'. Cars driving under a bridge. Yet another public building with a flag flying on the roof. Large public building on corner of the street. Close-up of the sign for the Patents Office. Another public building. View of a lake with a very large building in the background. View of the Pentagon with a like or river in front. View of the library. Close-up of the front of the library. View of 'building where lawyers fight' - the courts. View of iron girders on a construction site. View of Pentagon. Outside a building men get out of taxies. Some are in uniform. They walk up the stairs of the Pentagon. View of the Treasury building. Close-up of Treasury Department. Machinery to print money. Machine producing the sheets of bank notes before they are cut up into individual notes. View of Department of Justice. Close-up of sign 'Department of Justice'. View from opposite side of the street of red brick building with towers and a crenulated tower. Close-up of towers. Another building with arches and lots of flags flying. View of an interior courtyard with a fountain in the centre. Around the fountain walk couples. Aerial view of car park full of cars.

View of the Pentagon. View of large obelisk at the end of a long, wide avenue. White House. A house on Embassy Row with the country flag outside. Another house on embassy Row. Apartment blocks overlooking a park. A cherry tree in full blossom. Close-up of blossom. Aerial view of the White House. Ford Theatre. Three men walk up the iron steps into the Peterson House where Abraham Lincoln was carried after he was shot. Houses in Alexandria, Washington D.C. In the distance is a church. An 18th century house. An archway leading to a garden. Close-up of garden and plats. Gatsby Tavern. The drugstore where George Washington traded. Christ Church. Close-up of the entrance to Christ Church. A large 18th century building. View of a doorway with two American flags one either side of the doorway. Tomb of George Washington. View of a large tiered building. Washington Memorial. Statue of George Washington. Obelisk. Memorial to Thomas Jefferson. Closer shot of memorial. Close-up of circular part of memorial. Statue of Thomas Jefferson. Close-up of statue. Memorial to Abraham Lincoln overlooking a series of lakes and fountains. Close-up of memorial. Statue of Lincoln seated. Close-up of statue. Obelisk, Jefferson monument, Lincoln monument, close-up. People at memorial stone to Lincoln. Close-up of plague 'White House'. Statue of Andrew Jackson flanked by cannon. Statue of William Sherman. Another statue. Bronze of horses and riders. Gothic style building. Another building. Christ Church. The outside of a synagogue with a carving of a memorial on the wall. Statue of men holding American flag. Close-up of statue, flag, soldiers. Building. Another cenotaph and soldiers saluting. Close-up of soldier saluting. Close-up of inscription of memorial. Parade of servicemen from all the armed forces. A group march past, all carrying he Stars and Stripes. The Senate on Capitol Hill. Close-up of Dome with statue of Freedom. Obelisk at sunset. Sunset on the Potomac.

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