Film: 9063

Natural History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Highlands of Scotland wildlife 1960's

Young man looks through binoculars at Golden Eagle. Close-up of cock bird. The bird feeds it's young chicks. Red deer graze on a mountain hillside. Young roe deer. Young lambs. Hooded crow in nest white or mountain hare darting along hill. Red grouse black grouse with distinctive display. Golden eagle eggs ready to hatch in March. Scots Pine with a record breaking 19 feet tall eyrie. Gully of a waterfall. Newly hatched chicks. They fight viciously. Special hyde built over a period of several days to conceal the observer. Both 'parents' fly to the nest, the smaller of two is the cock. The hen feeds the chick. The growth and development of the young chick is monitored from infancy to childhood. The birds prepare to start flying with a series of exercises. The chicks have not transformed into fully fledged birds. Comprehensive study of the rare Scottish Golden Eagle with excellent footage of the development of it's young.

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