Film: 9065

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Testing various vehicles on a circuit specifically designed for this purpose by Vauxhall Motors at Millbrook in Bedfordshire 1970's

Vehicles range from Bedford vans and trucks to Vauxhall estates. Starts with great sequence of speeding cars and a close up of driver wearing sunglasses. Point of view shots, skidding tyres, aerial views of cars and roads set to groovy music.

Red and white vehicle barrier opens. Vehicle workshop. Close up of driver operating gear stick. Close up of dials. Engineers in white coats test pollutant levels. Another man tests the noise level of cars, a machine draws a graph. A bar chart appears on a screen.

A test car drives on a wet road around traffic cones, it knocks one over. Close up of a tyre bursting, the car comes to a stop. A row of crashed and damaged cars. Test cars crash into a wall. The results are photographed and analysed. Various trucks and lorries on the roads of the test centre. A truck drives through water. A man in a white coat gets into a car and fastens his seat belt. Close up of him turning the keys in the ignition. He beeps the horn. He moves the gear stick and switches on the windscreen wipers and headlights. He drives off, through the open barrier. The car overtakes a lorry. Aerial view of the car on a multi lane test road with other cars. It overtakes a coach. It eventually comes to a sudden stop.

A crash test dummy lays on a table. A scientist removes its wig and sticks an instrument into the top of skull. Two scientists lift the dummy from the table and put it into a sitting position. There are other crash test dummies representing men, women and children. One of the men removes the back of the head of one of the dummies. One of the dummies in put into a test car. The car is on a track. Various machines monitor the car. A man counts down from ten to zero and the car shoots backwards on the track. This happens several times. Slow motion shots of the dummy on impact.

A hand turns the keys in the ignition. The other hand puts the car into gear. The car drives off. It approaches a sign which features a roundabout with the directions as Steering Pad, Barrier Impact, Water Troughs, Dust Tunnel, Handling Circuit and Circular Track. The car drives on. Car on the multi lane road with other Vauxhall cars. The car in the evening sunshine.

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