Film: 9067

History | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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An history of China in the early twentieth century 1960's

October 1964 sees China's first atomic bomb test which causes concern in the West. Encircled by natural boundaries like mountains, the jungle and the China Sea this huge country is a 'land island' spanned by the Great Wall of China (incredible views). Scenes of the Plains of Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. Land has been seized that butts onto its border and bases for trade have been established.
This film charts the history of China in chronological order, as follows:
1911 - Imperial Rule overthrown. War lords in confusion. Japan poses a threat.
1915 - Japan demands 'special rights'
1919 - Versailles with Japan keeping a part of China.
1928 - Chiang Kai Shek establishes National rule.
1931 - Japan invades and seizes Manchuria. Spectacular scenes on wall of China. Air attacks.
1938 - China's armies defeated with tanks and lorries.
1941 - U.S.A. sends aid. Bombing scenes.
1945 - Devastation of Nuclear Bomb in Japan shown. Civil war in China.
1949 - Mao takes control. Korean war breaks out in June 1940. China backs North Korea. Scenes of U.S.A. 7th Fleet in heavy seas. U.S.A. supports Shek. Formosa ringed with American Bass. U.S.A. rejects trade proposals. Nixon withdraws 25,000 troops from Vietnam.
1971 - President Nixon visits China.

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