Film: 9077

Railways | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Rushes, well filmed. Great Western Railway GWR locomotives filmed in and around Swindon 1960's

Lode Star King George V. Birmingham Snow Hill Station.
Well-positioned camera in the right place for when Steam locomotive King Richard III, engine 6015, King Class with V02 on front of engine comes to a rest.
Platform 5 at Birmingham Snow Hill Station. Good shots of platform from train window as train comes to a halt. Waste food packages in refreshment room. Railway refreshment room or canteen, empty but with rubbish. Presumably filmed at the time when the old station had just closed. Camera position moves through deserted station, ticket area, past left luggage lockers. Deserted railway station.
Steam locomotive engine runs slowly forwards. It reverses. Engine number 3454 - the Skylark, 4-4-0 Bulldog Class, Great Western Railway locomotive. Engine and tender reversed up to carriages. Locomotive 2516. Various other engines. Engine 4003 Lode Star, Star Class locomotive, currently preserved at the National Railway Museum in York. Man polishes brass on chimney collar. Locomotive moves. Diesel shunter D.2151 reversing. Locomotive Swindon, Castle Class. Earl of Ducie Number 5054 and Z48 written on front of locomotive. Stationary and at speed from another train. 7032 Denbigh Castle which was scrapped by 1964. Railway man walk past locomotive Denbigh Castle with oil can in his hand. King Richard III. The Cambrian Coast Express, with large number M18 on front. King George V, number 6000 reverses past camera. Fitting the name plate Cambrian Coast Express to front of engine. Engine Devizes Castle number 6002.
Platform sign reading 'train spotters must not pass beyond this line'. Two coupled locos and tenders go round bend. Inside signal box with three men, furthest one pulling levers to change points. Steam train with nine carriages rounds bend slowly. Boys, train spotters on end of platform. Engine 46509. Lots of trainspotters - men with camera rush to see engine. Double headed steam train passes in countryside, including shot on embankment.

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