Film: 9084

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Film about Puberty.
Young children play in a playground on swings and seesaws. Voice over explains "nothing much happens to your body as you grow up, except you just get bigger". A group of young people sit talking on the grass. Great 1970's haircuts and clothes. Diagram split into two halves, one side is a girl and the other is a boy. The brain sends out hormones.
Teenagers sit around in a hall with bare feet. A voice instructs them to stand up and close their eyes. They walk around and feel each other.
Sketches of a boy and girl before puberty showing them roughly the same height. The diagrams change as the girl grows taller earlier than the boy, then the boy begins to catch up and overtake. A series of boys and girls standing next to each other by a brick wall aged 11 and all different heights, and then at aged 13.
Two boys stand in a doorway at school reading a comic, they are both 16 and one is much taller than the other. Two girls walk pat some lockers, again one much taller than the other.
Sketches of two girls physically developing, one much faster. Voice over explains self-consciousness about breast size. The two boys and two girls of the same age and different heights walk towards the camera. A group of older teenagers walk back and the height difference is much less.
A group of girls playing netball on a court. Voice over says another change is speech. The girls run up and down and they laugh and shout. Inside a sports hall boys run and meet to wrestle each other. Close-up of a boy breathing heavily. Focus on an armpit with the beginnings of hair growth. A girl lifts up her arm and reveals a perspiration mark. A boy removes his sock and voice over explains body odour. A boy washing in the bath and a girl showering. Close-up of the girl's spots on her face and back.
Cross section diagram of the skins showing the hair follicle and the glands producing an oily substance flowing to the surface. Blackheads and acne develops. A boy washing his face.
Picture of fatty food and cakes which some doctors say make acne worse. Picture of high protein foods (fish, milk, eggs) and vegetables for healthy skin.
Boys playing football outside. "rest is also necessary" - Girl lying on sofa writing, boy lying on a bed listening to music and reading, girl sleeping.
Split screen diagram of boy and girl and the gland sending out hormones - "it's called the pituitary gland". Diagrams of the lower bodies, position of the ovaries and testicles. The bodies develop, focus on the female's reproductive organs, labelled and described. The menstrual cycle.
A girl leans against a tree and the voice over describes moods and depression. She smiles when she meets her friend and pets a dog. The walk across a park with trees in the background. The voice over refers to getting exercise to overcome period pains.
Close-up of a boy's face, the beginnings of facial hair and his Adam's apple. Diagram and focus on the male reproductive organs. Testicles and the production of sperm, release of semen during sexual intercourse, live sperm under a microscope, discussion of wet dreams and masturbation.
Sperm fertilising an egg, fertilised egg moving along the fallopian tubes into the womb. Mother holding a crying baby. Young boys swinging on bars in a playground.
A group of teenagers laugh and move around each other.

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