Film: 9088

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Poultry farming, care of chickens 1940's

A baby chicken, a chick. It pecks at the ground, and cheeps. Chicks in cages, a hand opens the cage and takes the chickens out. Two men sit together at a desk with book open before them. A man smiles over an open 'Poultry' magazine. Men at a meeting around a table. Four men sit in front of the US National Poultry improvement plan. Stages in Breeding Program, Classes in Pullorum Disease Control. A meeting with men sitting at desks and writing things on their papers, an information class. Man at the rostrum talking. Farmers stand aroundn as a scientist examines a chicken inside a classroom or laboratory. The men all hold chickens and examine them. Men write an exam. Men being certified. A man marking thing sin a book. A woman throws chickens feed to the chickens. Chickens running around free range. Chickens in a chicken coop. An inspector asking a famrer to sign something, he writes on the barn wall. Men examine chickens at the back of a house.Another inspector examines chickens inside a large chicken coop. The inspector writes out his report on the finder of his car. A man classifies eggs by weighing them. A man packages eggs. An inspector opens the refigerator door to examine the eggs. A man pulls chicks out of a shelf and puts them in boxes with more space. Weighing boxes of chicks. The Miami Chick hatchery. More chicken inspections. Chart of classes of chickens. More egg inspections. Farmer weighs eggs. Farmer and wife go through paperwork. More office and paperwork, aman enters figures on a old machine with a pull arm. Putting metal bands around the legs of chicks, aowman holds them and a man secures the band. A hand opens cages and takes chicks out and puts them back. More free range chickens. Portable chicken inspection tent? More chickens on farms. Chicks under heat lamps. Disease testing on chickens. Blood tesing in a laboratory. More tests. Classes in disease identification.

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