Film: 9089

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Safety of Bridsworth colliery. Accidents including dramatic gory ones. Hippy man with long hair told off because his hair could get pulled off in the machinery. Safety tour of a coal mine 1970's

Coal pours through a safety guard. A man stands, probably a dummy, with coal dust all over him, red goo, supposed to be blood, dribbles out of his mouth, he is supposed to be injured by the falling coal. 'guards on machinery are for protection against accidents and must be in position whilst machinery is in motion.' a finger points to this sign. A colliery safety manager with a hard hat on talks to five young trainees, who are dressed in black over coats and ties. 'Stay on the safe side, Keep guards on.' poster. Outside, a the group of men walk across a tarmac towards some railway tracks, the men wear coats with NCB on the back, and white hard hats. One of the men runs across the tracks, right before a large car comes along it. The safety manager talks to him. They follow the car into to the unloading shed, the cart is moved back and forth and then rotated on its side. The men are talked to. From below the cars hit each other, pushing one off the unloading rotator and another moving on. A re-enactment of an accident, a man tries to shift some a carriage that is stuck with a long stick, the stick slips, the next coal cart comes along and the man is squished between the cart and the wall. A mouth yelling in pain. A man pinned to a wall by a mine cart. Back to the present, one of the men looks at his watch and the group moves on to the next area.
A rather goofy looking young man with long hair fiddles with pipes, a lamp shining towards us. The group gathers around him as he works at his machine. One of the men's hands turns a lever on the machine, turning it off. The young man looks up indignantly. The safety officer grabs his hair and shakes it. The officer points at a poster that a man has just put up. It is a horrible poster depicting an accident that could happen with long hair. The hippy nods his head. The safety manager claps him on the shoulder and tells him where to get a hair net. A man welds something. The group gathers around, the officer talks to the boys about eye protection. A man sharpens a piece of metal, the sparks and bits of metal fly about, one goes in his eye, the man snaps his hand back and grabs his eye, then close up of the sign above the machine 'Goggles must be worn' with a pair of goggles hanging from it. The injured man is supported by another man, they meet up with the group, one of the men asked what happened and tells them to go to the first aid room. The safety officer tells of the other man. Another gruesome poster of a man holding his eye with blood seeping between his fingers. A man holds a glowing piece of metal under a mechanical hammer and anvil. The rod of metal is put back into the glowing embers of the furnace. View from above as the blacksmith turns the iron in the furnace and then plunges it into cold water, beside the trough of water, a hand picks up a piece of worked metal from the scrap heap and turns it over in his hand. The blacksmith works. Three of the new recruits look a the piece of metal the middle boy is holding, the other two prod him into talking to the blacksmith. The boy approaches the blacksmith and asks him why the piece was thrown out, the blacksmith shows him irregularities in the metal formation that made it unsafe to use. A close up of the tool. A picture of dangerous broken tools.
The group walks across the works yard. Two freight cars on railway tracks in the works yard. A man points his finger towards the carts and then follows the horizon to the mountains of coal that lay on the far side of the yard. Men clearing scrap metal from overgrown railway tracks, throwing it to the side. A cart moves along the track a man runs beside it and trips over some of the metal, he falls under the heavy cart. The man crouching under the cart in pain. The safety manager shakes his finger at the boys. They all look sheepish as they imagine being one of the men responsible. The group enters a room with a job rotation board on the wall. Profile of men's faces with hard hats on. A man holds up his hands, showing his ten fingers. A hand with the fingers all gone, missing fingers but not thumb. The boys make a bucket brigade to clean up some loose wood, they pass it to each other and put it in a freight car. One of the boys climbs out of the coal cart. Another writes something on the side of the mining car. The boys stand together talking, they do a bit of horseplay. One of the boys scratches writing into a wall. They play football with a piece of wood, a friendly game. More horseplay, one of the boys throws another into a pile of dirt, most lose their hard hat, one of them does not get up but lays limply. A deep heavy cut on the boy's head. A group of middle-aged men in a meeting. Profiles of two men taking off their glasses. One of the boys talks to the men at the meeting. The boy comes out of the building and puts his coat on, one of the men follows him and claps him on the shoulder.
Back to the group of new recruits. The training officer talks. They talk and have a good laugh. A target on the wall, another safety poster.

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