Film: 9090

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Slovenia 1960's

Opening shot fades into a relief map of Slovenia, former Yugoslavia, and surrounding countries. Flowers, mountains, men and women dressed in national costume, a man playing a cowhorn and men on horses waving the Slovenian flag. Woman lying seductively on beach in a one piece bathing suit, also includes a close up of her very 1960's look. Couple in plane look out at aerial views of countryside, waterfalls, valleys and mountains. A good shot of a brown bear. Hundreds of Slovenians in national costume at a banquet. Pictorial map of Slovenia with visit Slovenia written on it many different languages. Mountain roads, border posts, ferry ports, close up of disembarking airplane at Ljubljana airport, two young men hitch-hiking to Ljubljana, abseiling down a rock face, parachuting and diving. Ljubljana motorways, 1960's high-rise modern office buildings, modern architecture, people dressed in 1960's fashion in the streets including close ups. Outdoor cafes, flower sellers and general market stalls, couples sitting and walking. A good shot of a traffic policeman all in white directing two female tourists including close ups. Maribor street scenes, the cable car, cooking chestnuts, Slovenian food. Exterior shots of a vineyard and visitors wine tasting including a woman wearing a great brown leather dress. Women relaxing at the thermal baths, this time fully clothed! Geese eating bread. The Wild Dance of the Masked Courin(?) featuring men dressed as bears with pieces of paper attached to them dancing wildly. A good shot of a stork on a chimney pot watching them. Close ups of the men dancing more crazily. A potter making traditional Slovenian jugs and vases. More shots of rural Slovenia - rivers, water mills. Men hunting pheasant including good close up of the bird in the reeds. Close up of man shooting and pheasant falling from the sky. Vogel in the Alps including aerial views of mountains, close up of waterfalls, aerial shots of valleys, lakes and alpine scenery. Farming in the Alps - a woman milks a cow by hand, two children stand and watch her, a close up of the udders, the children and camera are squirted with milk. The cow wears a cowbell. Rowing pair on Lake Bled, the Golf Hotel, children in a rubber dinghy, more mountain lakes. Farming and wine growing in Metlika and Novo Mesto in South Eastern Slovenia including a horse drawn plough. Fishing and landing a fish from a weir, including a close up of the caught fish. Modern sculpture like Henry Moore, in the gardens of old castles. Interior shots of these great houses. Aerial shots of the Piran/Portoroz seaside resorts. Sailing boats, boy bouncing on an orange space hopper along the seafront. Middle aged woman exercising. A toddler with a bucket of water. Close up of a young woman sunbathing in a two piece swimming costume. A toddler throwing a black handbag in to a paddling pool. A woman in a bikini sunbathing alone on a rock, but oh no the camera has disturbed her and she sits up surprised to have been caught sunbathing topless! Shots of a speed boat and a water skiier. More shots of a woman sunbathing in a bikini on the back of a motor boat. A woman grooming her white poodle on the beach. An outdoor café, a man painting a watercolour. A woman in a two piece strokes her man's chest. Exterior sign of a low key Casino. Interiors of church with Renaissance style paintings and reliefs. Wild Ljubljana horses, "stars of the Viennese Riding School", drinking at a pool. More shots of waterfalls, mountains near the coast of Slovenia with underground caves. Underground rivers, stalactites and a boat going through the caves. A young shepherd boy leads a flock of sheep down a mountainside in the Slovenian Alps. A woman water skis on the Adriatic. Lingering shots of Yugoslavian vineyards. A parade of people in the national dress of Slovenia and Yugoslavia. Final shots of signs saying goodbye in many different languages including Russian, German, French, Japanese, Italian and Swedish.

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