Film: 9091

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Copper mining in Congo Africa 1950's

A panoramic view of some hills in haut Katanga, Congo, Africa. Some natives in a huge hut sitting down, one of them blows air into a kind of small oven where some copper is melting. Liquid copper flows out from a hole and goes into a die. A view of some rocks. A hand holding a small piece of rock. A geographical map showing the province of Katanga, Congo. View of mine. Miner in a shaft are lowered down in a pit. A miner at work. Close-up of a drill. Some charges are placed in the holes, nervously drilled. A miner lights the fuses. Miners at work. Wagons of copper (ores). The contents of the wagon is crushed , then by a convey belt, is placed in another grinder, a wet grinding machine. View of the machine and of the extraction process. A geographical map of Katanga. A high chimney. Men at work in front of a high temperature oven. View of the extraction process. Liquid copper flowing in a container, then is poured in a huge cylindrical machine. The liquid copper is poured out of the machine into a container. The liquid flows in some dies. Copper bars. A view of a mine. Geographical map. View of a huge open air mine. A truck. Miners at work installing chargers. Miners walking away while one of them blows a horn. A fuse is lighted. Miners in a van drive away. A close-up of a fuse. Few explosions. Trucks moving. Trucks loaded by excavator. A truck unloaded the ores in a grinding machine. A grinding machine. Other machinery used in the production of copper. An excavator. A geographical map of Katanga. A view of another mine. The process of 'washing' the copper necessary to purify it. The different stages of the process. Few electricity generators. Other stages of the 'washing' process. Copper laminas are placed in a high-temperature oven. Liquid copper is poured inside some dies. Water is used to speed the cooling process. The copper bars being inspected by two men. Any defect is then removed. Copper bars lifted up and stored. View of the mine camp. A dam. View of the water basin. Close-up of the pipes. A view of a power station. A crowd. Miners driving excavators. A view of a mine and of an industrial factory.

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