Film: 9095

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Environmental pollution and control of population 1960's

Film calling for Americans to be responsible and not to pollute their country. Opening shot of astronaut walking on the moon. View of the earth from space. Voice over talking about how the earth has provided for mankind and resulting consumer demand. View of mountainsides and lakes. Timber forests. Bulldozers excavating land. Bulldozers filling in marshland to build on. Stacks of timber on building site. Men constructing wood framed houses. Close up of builders using hammers and power saws. Rows of wood framed houses under construction. View of muddy fields. Busy traffic drives through a town. A sign proclaiming Iowa, a place to grow. Various signs of home builders. View of housing developments with all the houses looking the same. Map of North America with some beans on it. Each bean represents one million people. Map is covered with beans. Beans are poured over the map. Gravestones of children who died over the last one hundred years. Newspaper cuttings detailing births, deaths and marriages laid over each other showing that here have been more births than deaths over the years. People now live longer and have more children. Clock counting down seconds. People crossing the street.

Voice says that Americans need to take care of their environment. A baby is laid onto a blanket. It is crying. Titles appear detailing the resources that each person uses in their lifetime. View of shopping centre and car park, Paka Plaza in Jackson Michigan. People walk along a city street. View of a modern city - skyscrapers, homes and a few trees. Close up of books concerned with various population and environmental problems. Factory/power plant chimneys belch smoke, cars and lorries pass by on a busy road. Traffic stuck in a traffic jam. More traffic in a jam in the city. People walking down a busy city street past shops with large signs outside. Pet rats in an overcrowded cage. Close up of a wounded rat. Voice over warns about the harmful effects of overcrowding. Goldfish in a bowl - little water. The water becomes dirty and some of the fish look as though they are dying. Waste spilling into a river. Person pulling the plug from a sink or bath. Detergent waste pouring into a river. The river water is foaming. An aircraft sprays crops in a valley. A small helicopter flies low over crops and sprays them. Illustration of the Drawing of the Statue of Liberty, New York City, wearing a gas mask. Smoke pours from a factory chimney. Another view of billowing smoke. Smoke covers the sky. More smoke pours out of a chimney into the sky. View of an industrial chimney pouring out smoke. A jet plane flies overhead leaving a trail of smoke.

Cars driving along a highway. Cars wait in a traffic jam. Voiceover warns of the fumes produced by motor cars. Young people race cars and motor bikes causing more smoke. Buses line a busy city street. Hundreds of wrecked cars are piled in a scrap yard by a busy road. Scrap metal, waste paper and other rubbish is piled up. Close up of coke cans and plastic bottles amongst the grass. Cardboard and paper are dumped on a landfill site. The voice over advocates recycling. A bulldozer pushes more rubbish onto the pile. A glove sits atop a selection of cleaning products - soap, brushes etc. Voiceover talks about cleaning up our world. Young people put rubbish in a dustbin. Scouts clean a river bank, putting rubbish in refuse sacks. A group of young men file out of a building they carry spades and other garden equipment. Close up of a spade being used to dig a hole in which a tree is planted. A young man walks down the road holding a green and white striped flag. A person pours soap flakes into a twin tub washing machine. A hand crosses out the words "full power detergent" on a washing powder box. Sign with a skull and cross bones proclaiming "Ban DDT" A trolley of insecticides at a garden centre. A group of young men stand round a car the bonnet is up and an older man attaches a wire from a large machine to the engine. Close up of the dials on the machine. The group of young men look on. A young man attaches a wire to the car engine. Voiceover advocates the practice of reducing emissions. The young man continues to tinker with the engine. View of a wooded glade. Two middle aged men in suits and hats look at house plans in front of houses under construction. View of a pool in the countryside. A church building that is tucked away near some trees unobtrusively. Young boys play with nets by the riverside. A group of people study the local river taking samples. Autumn trees move in the wind and drop leaves. Close up of a red squirrel eating a nut. Shot of birds in water and in trees. Shots of derelict houses. View of a clean well kept suburban house with a neatly trimmed lawn. Sunset at the beach. Some people stand on rocks as the waves crash about them. Camera pans around the scene as the sun sets and the waves roll onto the beach. Sunset over the forest and mountains.

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