Film: 9096

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Uplifting statement about the American Monorail product for handling heavy loads by means of overhead cranes and pulleys 1950's

Section of metal rail shown and voice explains how the track is constructed. Man is seen assembling a section of the track. It can handle 2 ton loads safely and junctions can be inserted to cover other areas of the factory/warehouse, Diagrams explain the operation. Views of factories with this system installed. Very useful in the production of aircraft. Caption - 'Applying Electric Power to the Monorail'. Views of the machinery performing various tasks and showing its flexibility. A very large lorry is loaded with machinery. Operator is able to move with the load on a moving platform. View of large control panel with man at the controls.

Caption - 'Application of Monorail for specific problems.' Use in handling large loads of bananas. Yes they have some bananas! Use for handling core sand. Use for handling people with disabilities. A person on a stretcher contraption is lowered into a swimming pool and lifted out again. Early application of electronic control illustrated by man with remote control panel following the crane along. The producers hope this may be of value to you. Produced by Industrial Films Incorporated. Cleveland.

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