Film: 9098

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Six short reports on different topics all over Germany 1980's

- Bobsledding
- Chemicals for protecting plants
- The German-French brigade
- Frankfurt
- Schwaneck castle, a youth hostel
- A dream theatre
Winter Sport. Flags. A view of Wintherberg. No snow this year at the Europe cup in bobsledding. Some people on a hill with machines. They are prepared. A board with the current temperatures: Ice -1,5; Air +1,5. a machine emitting steam. More machines in a hall: they freeze the bob run. Teams starting their bob; spectators. The bob racing down the run, the camera in the bob. Some bobs on the run. A bob tipping over. More bobs, racing, at different parts of the run. Bobs, crossing the finish-line. The Austrians won.
Grasshoppers or locusts. Swarms of them (in Africa). Close-ups. 'They destroy about a third of the world's harvests. Plants in a greenhouse. 'You have to protect them with chemicals that don't destroy the environment.' Some plants in an office of the Bayer AG (a chemical plant). The centre of protecting plants with insecticides (recently built). Plants with instruments fixed in their leaves. A caterpillar. A member of the staff explains: they are doctors for plants and want to save more harvests. Gardens, pools. 'Mankind has to protect plants in order to survive.' A preparation in a glass. 'Only 1 out of 10000 passes all the tests.' A woman explains that they test their preparations in order to protect the environment. Staff working on preparations, putting them into complicated machines. Two people, checking results on a list. A stall with vegetables at a market. Clients. ' You need Chemicals to protect plants, even if you don't like it. ' ( ! )
An army ( Bundeswehr ) parade. 'On the 12.1.85, in Boeblingen, Stuttgart, a new department has been founded , The German-French-Brigade. Close ups of the faces of soldiers, officers etc. The French army, a brass band. 'M. G. Forray, superior in the French army, making a speech ( in German ). He is pleased about the German-French Brigade. An office of the Bundeswehr. A soldier explains that he is glad about the German-French Brigade. An officer explains that he likes the German-French brigade. A French female soldier explains in German more or less the same. And a French soldier.
Frankfurt. The ' Roemer ' ( square of the town hall). The Kaisersaal ( 'hall of the emperors' ). Paintings of the 52 emperors on the walls. 1792 the last one has been crowned. The crown and sceptre. The Roemer again. Some magnificent buildings. A statue of Goethe ( ' Frankfurt, town of the trade and of the mind ' ). A still of the house where he was born ( that had been destroyed in the World War Two ). The Paulskirche. A picture of the first German democratic parliament, after the revolutions of 1848, meeting in the Paulskirche ( Paul's church ). The graveyard of the Jews. The central station. People in the street in front of the station, in the ' Zeil ', a shopping street. A dealer at a stall in the street. The stock exchange building. The Alte Oper ( old opera ). Next to it , the quarter of the banks. More views of parts of Frankfurt. Old and modern buildings next to each other. The airport. Some planes of Lufthansa. Terminals. An aircraft , taking off.
Burg Schwaneck ( the Schwaneck castle ). The first of the German youth hostels. Some views of the castle , 10 km from Munich. Breakfast. Guests take their trays. In the breakfast hall. The price includes breakfast for one night , 10 Deutschmark. Guests entering the youth hostel. Getting sheets. Changing beds. An ancient hall in the castle, guests sitting at tables. The gym. A course on modern theatre of dance. A skittle alley, people playing. Guests in a room, eating, drinking, reading, chatting. Guests in front of the castle. Some tourists and guests confirming that it is great.
The dream-theatre Salome. A building with oriental-looking ornaments. Visitors, entering. The mystical show , red lights. A magician showing tricks with flames and fire. A woman in an oriental-looking dress. The magician again. Dancers in dim blue light and an ' icy ' scene. Two acrobats, mystic light. Visitors. More oriental looking dancers and magicians and acrobats. A woman disappears, appears again. Applause.

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