Film: 9100

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Amateur home movie travelogue of UK gardens and sights 1960's

Title: Many people go abroad in search of colour and a change of scene. Our country has much to offer. Shall we look around?
Title (over cartoon robins) This England
Title (over cartoon ducks) Springtime in Lincolnshire
Title (blank screen) and ducks in Peter Scott's reserve at Peakirk.

Fairly wobbly shot of ducks, geese and swans on and around a lake. Ducks dive for food. Canada goose scares a duck. Late middle-aged woman looks at a man-made small waterfall. Very colourful water bird chases duck. Pan around landscaped garden and small duck pond. Family of ducks - seven ducklings - swim. Ducklings peck at grass. Close up on sign "Holland - Lincolnshire".
Title (over cartoon tulips) Spalding - it's Tulip time.
Title (blank screen) A tour of the tulip fields. Colourful flowers soon to be beheaded. Woman in pink shirt sits on a basket. Three other large ladies in overalls pour something into a sack. They are in a field full of red tulips. All the women run down the furrows between the rows of flowers. Pan across tulips. Woman walks through field. Women pick off flowers head and put them in basket. Each row of tulips is named by a sign. Close up of different colours of tulip. Close up on a pub sign (?) welcome to Spalding. Sign in the background "Paul Hart of Spalding" - landscaped tulips e.g. grown into heart shape etc. Pan around a main street in Spalding. Lots of old pubs and cafes. Quite old fashioned. Lots of tulips.
Title "Grand parade of decorated vehicles, a riot of wonderful colour."
carnival floats decorated with tulip heads. Van filled with tulip heads. A man steps on them. "NSC" float - lots of tulips and a giant rabbit advertising premium bonds. "Machins" float - transport through the ages (lots of tulips and a cart), "Smedleys" float advertising frozen and canned foods. Has swans made of tulips and carnival queens. "Farrow irrigation" float. Three girls in proper dresses and white gloves watch from sidelines. Various other floats. More tulips than you can shake a stick at. People in costume - very colourful and cheery. Title : "Surrey. Virginia Water. A special visit to something unusual. An Indian totem pole - a present from British Columbia". Family sit under a tree. Long shot of totem pole in all its glory. Close up of bottom carvings. Woman at second story window peers out and smells a rose. Woman walks across large landscaped garden. Old white buildings. Triumph dolomite (?)parked outside.
Title: "Box Hill" An unusual clock at Ambinger Hammer, and through colourful woodlands to Leith Hill.
Camera on hill looking down at many green fields and a town. People stand at a lookout point in the foreground. People sunbathe at the top of the hill. Family walk down tree-lined path. Clock tower. Family sit by path at foot of tower. Point of view of family across rolling hills. Red brick house, clock outside. Model of a bell ringer.
Title "Guildford, The old castle and magnificent new cathedral"
The old castle - partly in ruin. Roses in the gardens. Sparrows on lily leaves in the pond. The new cathedral. Ugly red brick and huge.
Title: "Wiltshire: Longleat, the home of the Marquis of Bath"
Longleat House and grounds. Very pleasant sculpted gardens and feature fountains. Large hollyhock bush. Bushes nicely trimmed by a topiarist. Swans on a lake. Waterfall - natural, very pretty. Young boys jump into a lake. Man fishes and swan swims past. Bored looking women sit by lake.
Title: "Out and About. Mainly about people. What they do and where they go to occupy their leisure time. A never failing attraction, Windsor castle".
Windsor Castle - sentry at post in big tufty helmet (bearskin?).
Title: "Changing the Guard"
Guards stand to attention. Marching band. Changing of guard. This sequence is shot too fast and should be run at 18fps). Traffic policeman outside. Title: Savill Gardens, Surrey. Large lake with colourful flowers around it. Flower-lined pathways. Lots of flowers in close up.
Title: Much hard work goes into the preparation of the village fete. Rayne May Fair.
Bagpipers walk across the lawn. Crowd of children in summer dress follow. Horse and cart. Rickshaw. Pantomime cow. Tents. Tractor pulls a float advertising the Rayne Disc Club. Football team float. People in costume.
Title: "Special attraction. Your fortune told by Petulengro". Man in costume speaks into microphone and then reads woman's palm. Children dance around a maypole. Carnival queen and bagpipe players. Children in costume.
Title: "The Wye Valley. Symonds Yat", Herefordshire.
Dark shot of old people sitting on hillside and looking down a valley at a river. Clearer shot of valley. Log cabin. RSPCA sculpture of a koala bear (?).
Title: "Unusual means of Locomotion." The ferry at Symond's Yat.
Man pulls a rowboat along by some rope which stretches across a river. He takes the passenger back across the route.
Title: "bath, famous for its hot spring and beautiful cathedral".
The cathedral - nicer than Guildford's anyway. Deck chair outside hot spring room. Large weir. Old people stroll in the square and feed pigeons
Title: "The Roman Baths".
Dark shot of bath house, columns and water spouts. Large pool. Statue on outside wall.
Title: "In the Botanical Gardens. Walking quietly, we come across this busy little family. Small water bird, possibly a coot, with chicks. Two ducks (mallards).
Title: "Typical Wiltshire scene on our way to the village of Castle Combe. Brown cows grazing. Little calf. Village streets. Old brick houses. Small bridge. Picturesque. White pub building. Church spire.
Title: "Finchingfield's Village Fete"
White house on a hill. Old Windmill. Old cars parked in street. Pub decked with bunting, St George's Cross and Union Jack flags. People in suits sit on bales of hay at the roadside. Floats go past. Carnival queen crowned, the actor Victor Maddern (supposedly a special guest) is just visible in a couple of shots.. Country dancing. Adult sack racing. Children's sack racing. Wheelbarrow race. Women in barrels try to punt themselves across a lake.
Title: "The Essex Agricultural Show".
Horse and trap race. Windmill.
Title: Graced by the presence of the Queen Mother.
Dark shot of Royal cavalcade. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother waves. She has a lovely hat. Open topped car going down a busy street. Queen Mother continues to wave. Her Majesty comes out of a tent. Group of "ladies who lunch". They meet the Queen Mother. Queen Mother gets into car and leaves. The end.

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